Farming Simulator 19 mods


Ropa Big Bear

Farming Simulator 19 1

On multiple request, here then the Big Bear IMPORTANT: This is a conversion! Things done: Conversion with partial rebuilding of some components dyn. hoses Animated dirt flap tracked chassis Newly built lamps designed especially for this trailer Overloading potatoes, sugar beets, garlic, beets, carrots and onions LS19 material system installed LS19 light system installed Have fun with it Credits:

Download Ropa Big Bear 

Bredal K105 / K165 with Attacher behind V1.2

Bredal K105 / K165 with Attacher behind V1.2 for Farming Simulator 2019

An equal at the beginning, the mod is unrealistic and who does not like, then please do not download the mod. Version 1.2 there is only the version with the fold-out spreading unit The Attacher is now available for purchase The spreads are purchasable in 6/10/12/16/20/24 / 30m each fertilizer / lime The PTO is now connected when a PTO device is attached to the spreader The hoses are also connected when a device hangs on the spreader which supports this pack consisting of the Bredal K105 and the K165. I have Strobes (speed camera) behind and behind a Attacher installed. The Attacher is only available if you buy the 30m…

Download Bredal K105 / K165 with Attacher behind V1.2 

Steyr Tractor Pack

Farming Simulator 19 3

Included: Steyr ProfiCVT Steyr TerrusCVT Both are colorable with the Steyr brand colors, and have lowered prices, and an engine upgrade. You will need to UNPACK the downloaded zip file, and place each of the zip files included in your mods folder. Credits: Wolf Pack Modding

Download Steyr Tractor Pack