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Typowa Polska Map V4.2

Farming Simulator 19 1

The full map description will appear after the official release of the full version! For now it is only BETA. If any error is found, please send it to my Facebook Fanpage “Puma145”. Thank you very much in advance! What does the map have? 3 farms, Krowy / Świnie / Owce / Kury, 33 fields and 3 meadows, Areas bought, 2 Purchases of Grain, Purchase of straw / hay / bales, biogas plant, Purchase of cattle, dairy, Purchase of Wool, Gas stations, Lime being purchased, Machine Shop, Machines for start, 3 lands for start, Doors and gates opened on a mouse, PDA, Varied terrain, Clean log, Order in files, and much…

Download Typowa Polska Map V4.2 

MAN 8×8 SemiHD V1.1.1.0

MAN 8×8 SemiHD V1.1.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

You probably know “The Beast” from the 17th. There he was included in the ATC vehicle Pack. After lately chatting with walli74 and having finished the truck for him to play, I thought to myself, would be something for the general public 🙂So now a few little things have been added, such as the own shop category (thank you to LSMC for the global company Script)He is not yet 100% ls19 style but many elements, just around the cab have already been revised to that effect. Technical specifications MAN 8×8 44t Engines 680, 880hp adaptive cornering light LS19 lighting system Speedrotating parts TrailerAttacher front and rear Color Choice Body Color choice…

Download MAN 8×8 SemiHD V1.1.1.0 

Mercedes Benz Trac 1000 Intercooler V1.1

Farming Simulator 19 3

An MB Trac 1000 Intercooler from Mercedes Benz. The body and base of the MB Trac 1000 comes from the Bremi456 LS17. I built the MB Trac 1000 on the basic model of Bertl123 (MB Trac 700-900). The MB Trac has four different configurations: Tire manufacturer tire variant Front loader attachment Shims (front and back) LOG IS CLEAN Release of Bremi456 for the body, substructure and rims is available. Release of Bertl123 for the basic model (MB Trac 700-900) is available. Thanks to Bremi456 and Bertl123 for the release. Thanks to lukix01 for the help and improvement of the MB Trac 1000. Thanks: Thanks to the people who supported the bliders…

Download Mercedes Benz Trac 1000 Intercooler V1.1 

John Deere 6020 Premium

Farming Simulator 19 4

Motor Configuration (6520P 40KMH-6520P 50KMH-6620P 40KMH-6620P 50KMH-6820P 40KMH-6820P 50KMH-6920P 40KMH-6920P 50KMH-6920S P 40KMH-6920S P 50KMH) Base material color (color of peace of rear part of cab) (John Deere Premium green-John Deere Standard green) Wheel brand configuration (Trelleborg, Michelin, Mitas) Wheel configuration (Standard-Full rim-Wide-Wide full rim-Back twin wheels-Wide back twin wheels-Full rim back twin wheels-Full rim wide back twin wheels-Twin wheels-Wide twin wheels-Full rim twin wheels-Full rim wide twin wheels and just for Trelleborg and Michelin narrow wheels and narrow back twin wheels) Front Attacher configuration (Bracket-300kg-500kg-700kg-900kg-1000kg-Front hydraulic) Design configuration (Standard-StarFire3000) VehicleType configuration (Standard-TLS) Transmission configuration (PowerQuad-PowerQuad2-AutoQuad-AutoPower) Reverser configuration (Magnetic-Electric) Front loader configuration (Without-Stoll-Hauer-Aloe-John Deere) Design color for Frontloader console) (Stole balck-John…

Download John Deere 6020 Premium 

Global Company Mod Pack for Fenton Forest 4x by Stevie

Global Company Mod Pack for Fenton Forest 4x by Stevie for Farming Simulator 2019

Here’s the updated fs19 Fenton Forest 4x global company mod pack. Small adjustments have been made and the Bio Fertlizer Plant and Diesel Store have been added. The main difference you will see is the Bio Diesel plants refill trigger now can also refuel vehicles. The rest have just had xml and modDesc cleanups. The latest GC script is required and not included. Remember to use the included GC icon zip which has compost added. The Compost Plant can only be used on maps prepared for compost. Have fun with them. The Kotte tanker I released can be used.

Download Global Company Mod Pack for Fenton Forest 4x by Stevie 

Real Life Numbers US Heartland V1.2.1.0

Real Life Numbers US Heartland V1.2.1.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

This mod has three main objectives: To define a game environment mimicking real-life farming in a well-defined area. To enable players to individualize the game using a simple editor. To provide a game planning tool for the player who wants to do a pre-game setup. A bug with plow and cultivation contracts has been fixed.Fertilizer contracts on fields which has already been fertilized may not be possible. The origin of this issue is unknown. Version mod has been updated to work with the seasons mod by Realimus Modding. The models for animal breeding and growth as well as the model for crop growth have been removed so not to conflict…

Download Real Life Numbers US Heartland V1.2.1.0