Placeable Objects mods for Farming Simulator 19

Hungarian Bale Storage Pack

Hungarian Bale Storage Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is a pack of Bale Storage Sheds for quick and easy storage of bales until they are needed. Bales can be respawned to the pick-up area, up to 10 Square bales or 9 Round bales at a time, via the built-in Menu Interface. BALE TYPESGRASS, HAY, SILAGE, and STRAW Capacities: Square bales 396 Price: 100 € Covered Square bales 288 Price: 7500 € Round bales 340 Price: 100 € Covered Round bales 304 Price: 7500 €

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BDM Bale Storage

BDM Bale Storage for Farming Simulator 19

Overview: The Following Objects Are Included In The Pack: Kuhn SW 4014 Kuhn FBP 3135 Square bales of silage (Buyable) Square bales of grass (Buyable) Round bale silage (Buyable) Round bale of grass (Buyable) Square bales storage silage Square bales storage grass Square bales of storage straw Square bale storage hay Round bale storage silage Round bale storage grass Round bale storage straw Round bale storage hay Functions: Kuhn SW 4014: Multicolor Multicolor for foil Kuhn FBP 3135: Multicolor Multicolor for foil The Following Mods Are Required: Global Company

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Root Crop Storage

Root Crop Storage for Farming Simulator 19

With this earth fruit storage you can store your earth fruits. You have to enter the silo to open the discharge pipe. To select the fruit, press the O key in the silo. Price: € 50,000 Capacity: 250,000 liters Maintenance costs: 45 € Important! It shouldn’t be rotated 180 degrees Place only on self-leveled terrain The filling quantity is not displayed in the menu.

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Concrete Bunker SET V

Concrete Bunker SET V for Farming Simulator 19

This large silo pack consists of 16 silos in different designs. Drive-through silos and wedge silos in different sizes and sloping walls are included. Driving silo Price: 70000 € Maintenance costs: € 10 Dimensions: 20x40m Double silo Price: 150,000 € Maintenance costs: € 13 Dimensions: 25x40m Wedge silo 1 Price: 65000 € Maintenance costs: € 12 Dimensions: 14x40m Wedge silo 1 with catwalk Price: 75000 € Maintenance costs: 14 € Dimensions: 14x40m Wedge silo 2 Price: 85000 € Maintenance costs: 16 € Dimensions: 18x40m Wedge silo 2 with catwalk Price: 95000 € Maintenance costs: 16 € Dimensions: 18x40m Double wedge silo 1 Price: 175000 € Maintenance costs: € 18 Dimensions: 27x40m…

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