Spartan Stables Placeabl for FS2019

Spartan Stables for Farming Simulator 19

Here at Spartan Stables we breed unique horses like the war horses of our century. These horses are also the worlds smartest horse just like in Sparta. This Barn took a lot of hard work to make. Sadly, there seams to be one miner glitch that i cant figure out. It’s very bright almost white! At first i thought it was a lantern i added in so i deleted it but it was still bright so i just don’t know, Or my computer is junk and FS19 doesnt seam to work light wise. but other then that it works beautifully. If you know why it’s so bright pls tell me. okay enough of that.
Textured and collsions.


Spartan756/Expert/Tbereit1/Nostalgic Farmer/Giants

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