Ploughs mods for Farming Simulator 19

PLN 3-35

PLN 3-35 for Farming Simulator 19

– Price: 1 200 €; – Working width: 1.1 m.; – Operating speed: 12 km / h; – Recommended tractor power: 52 kW / 7 HP; – Main color selection; – Choice of design, with or without stickers; – Animation of the land when plowing; – Leave trace; – Gets dirty and washes.

Download PLN 3-35 

Kverneland Stenomat

Kverneland Stenomat for Farming Simulator 19

3 furrow plow from kverneland ideal for 30 or 60. Functions: Spinning wheel You don’t fall in after buying underground Does not collapse when detached No dirtying 🙁 The plow is not very good quality because it is my one of the first converts but it is playable and can be plowed.

Download Kverneland Stenomat 

Jympa SJ Series V2.1

Jympa SJ Series V2.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Back in FS17 my favorite plow was the Jympa SJ/SV Series. Now in 19 someone converted them a while ago but using the old 17 textures & shaders. I have decided to rebuilt the implement from scratch in a blender, UVMap, UDIM, generate the spec maps with dirt & wear and finally script everything under a single implement that changes dynamically its properties directly in the store.

Download Jympa SJ Series V2.1 

Trailed Plow

Trailed Plow for Farming Simulator 19

Trailed Plow, ideal for small and medium-sized farms. Designed for crawler tractors with a power of 90 HP for the BT2 model and 140 HP for the BT3 model. Work width BT2: 1.0 meters Work width BT3: 1.3 meters Price BT2: 7500 € Price BT3: 8700 € Power BT2: 90cv / 66kW Power BT3: 140cv / 103kW

Download Trailed Plow