Best Ploughs mods for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard Asth

Lizard Asth for Farming Simulator 19

Lizard asth small medium plow. Small medium sized plow, it takes care of all the activities of your farming. ✔ 7 rods ✔ color setting Required power: 100 hp Price: 2500 $

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Ermo Diablo Spev Pack V1.0.1.0

Ermo Diablo Spev Pack V1.0.1.0 for Farming Simulator 19

ERMO Diablo Spev Series Ermo Diablo Spev 6/149 4MA ✔ Price: 65.000 € ✔ Power range: 350-400 HP ✔ Working speed: 16 km/h ✔ Working width: 3.50M Ermo Diablo Spev 7/147 4MA ✔ Price: 69.000 € ✔ Power range: 400-500 HP ✔ Working speed: 16 km/h ✔ Working width: 4.50M Ermo Diablo Spev 8/149 4MA…

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Combiplow 4M

Combiplow 4M for Farming Simulator 19

This will not come to all platforms for time being it will be a pc exclusive. The Combiplow 4M now has many different color configs and only cost 4500 and now plows the land. Also have removed the euro signs from the model. Enjoy Dont worry still working on the many all platform mods

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PLN Plows Pack

PLN Plows Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 1.940, 2.130, 2.320€ Max. working speed: 9 kph Required power: 80, 130, 150 HP Working Width: 1.05, 1.4, 1.7 m Plowing depth: 20-30 cm (mouse control) Configuration Parts: ✔ Mount selection: default/for MTZ tractors ✔ Coulter On/Off

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Bomet 3

Bomet 3 for Farming Simulator 19

Hello, this is my first fs17 convert. The plow works well and behaves naturally in the field. Zero errors in the log. Price: € 4100 Working speed: 15 km / h Minimum power requirement: 61 hp Working width: 1.3 m Daily maintenance: 10 € / day

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