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Best FS19 Seeders Mods

Stara Absoluta 44 Rows

Stara Absoluta 44 Rows for Farming Simulator 19

Absolute is a pneumatic planter developed to offer agility and efficiency in planting in areas where soil fertilization takes place in a separate operation. Here we have the model 44 lines, it is an excellent tool to carry out a precise and agile planting, providing increased productivity. We Have In This Modification The Following Items: Stara Absoluta 44 ✔ Price: 215000 ✔ Working width: 20.7 ✔ Power required: 330 ✔ Speed: 10 KM/H ✔ grain tank capacity: 3800 liters ✔ multiple tire configurations ✔ The division into 5 flexible modules and 44 pantographic lines

Download Stara Absoluta 44 Rows 

Kverneland TS Drill 5M

Kverneland TS Drill 5M for Farming Simulator 19

The Kverneland TS Drill is a seeder with a working width of 5m. You can incorporate fertilizer during seeding. Options: ✔ Extra Capacity 250L: 500€ Capacity: ✔ Seeds: 1050 L ✔ Fertilizer: 650 L Price: 39500 € Working width: 5m Needed power: 130 Ch / 96 kW

Download Kverneland TS Drill 5M 

Damcon PL-10

Damcon PL-10 for Farming Simulator 19

This machine is ideal for planting young trees. In standard version it work on one row but can be mounted on the PL10/3R tool and work with a 2nd or 3rd row. PL-10 price: 7,500 € PL10 / 3R price: 3000 € Price Palette of Young Trees Damcon: 1500 € for 50 trees Capacity for PL-10: 1 pallet Max. working speed: 10 kph Required power: 60 hp

Download Damcon PL-10 

Novag T-Force Plus 640

Novag T-Force Plus 640 for Farming Simulator 19

The Novag T-Force 640 is a no-till seed drill that requires neither plowing nor cultivating. Instead, the soil life is promoted by bacteria and fungi. Earthworms also take over the subsoil. With its openers, Novag is the innovation leader in the field of no-till sowing. Price: € 160,000 Required power: 300PS Working width: 6m Also contains placeable decorative objects: information board and Novag beachflag.

Download Novag T-Force Plus 640 

Meridia 200

Meridia 200 for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Price Meridia 200: 51000 € ✔ Working width: 5 meters ✔ Need Power Meridia 200: 180hp ✔ Pantographic system ✔ Meridia 200: 11 lines of 50 cm spacing ✔ Articulated ✔ working speed of 9.3 mph

Download Meridia 200 

Stara Ceres Master 3570 Used

Stara Ceres Master 3570 Used for Farming Simulator 19

This mod with a used seed drill extends my range of used basic devices. I decided on the Stara seed drill because it is not only rougher and fertilizes, but is also wider than comparable seed drills. However, it is a little too wide for normal road traffic. The mods have done their job successfully in my Build and Let’s Play videos. I’ve also tried hard to make everything work, but I can’t guarantee it. Use at your own risk 🙂

Download Stara Ceres Master 3570 Used 

Seeding Complex Kuzbass V0.6.8.0

Seeding Complex Kuzbass V0.6.8.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Domestic Seeding Complex From The Company “Agro”, The PAK Includes: Uniaxial Bunker PK “Kuzbass”: ✔ Total volume: 6500 liters (40/60) ✔ Price: 26990 ✔ Choice of side decals Two-axle Bunker PK “Kuzbass”: ✔ Total volume: 6500 liters (40/60) ✔ Price: 27770 ✔ Choice of design: rear bumper, handrail height, side decals ✔ Has a rotating dispenser handle ✔ Choice of tires: KAMA, BELSHINA, KAMA (unfolded), BELSHINA (unfolded) Cultivator PK ✔ 8.5 “Kuzbass” ✔ Working width 8.5 meters ✔ Required tractor power: 260 HP ✔ Price: 48600 ✔ Can’t use a single axle hopper ✔ Seed distributor selection: “Goose” / “Guitar” ✔ Maximum working speed 13 km / h, transport 30 km…

Download Seeding Complex Kuzbass V0.6.8.0