John Deere DB60 24 ROW V1.0.0.1 Seeder for FS2019

John Deere DB60 24 ROW V1.0.0.1 for Farming Simulator 19

John Deere DB60 Official

It’s BETA after leak from Matt Schadt (cancer of FS Comunnity) I will not release final version of it. Enjoy BETA version, it’s good enough and better than most of equipment.

Bring Back My Fs17 Edit To FS19!
All FS19 standards
Wearable and Wahsable
FS19 Lights
ConnectionHoses (Dynamic Hoses)
Back Attacher For Liquid Carts With Hoses Joints!
Greenstar Configurations
Refuge Tank Configurations
LiquidFertilizer Tanks Configurations
All tanks Configurations with real capacity + mass Scripts
SmartBoxes Configurations
Side Markers Configurations
Wheels/ Heavy Wheels/ DB60 Tracks Configurations
Realistics RotLimits (Flexable)
Fixed all Hydraulic cylinders
Randomly Moving Parts On Every Single Row!
New, FS19 Particle Animations! (dust, material and soil)
Real values (capacity, mass, price etc)
New HD Declas!
Lot of Warning Decals
New ToggleCover animation
Working side Markers (fixed)
Fixed lowering
Error Free (clear LOG)!

FS19 | Official JOHN DEERE 8R (2016-2018) EU SERIES, DB60 24 ROW - review


Model: Banks INC Modding
FS19 Standards: JHHG Modding
Programing and Scripting: JHHG Modding
Edit: JHHG Modding

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