Best Sprayers mods for Farming Simulator 19

Sprayer Control Pack

Sprayer Control Pack for Farming Simulator 19

Here are the Giants sprayers equipped with “sprayer control”. After noticing a fall of SPF with the herbicide I opted for a nozzle by nozzle closure on the last section, then 2 nozzles by 2 nozzles on the second section. And finally closing of the complete section for the last sections. (see explanatory image) mod…

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Lizard AD9

Lizard AD9 for Farming Simulator 19

Fertilizer made in Spain. Hopper made of stainless steel, with an internal grill so that the compost is screened and prevents caking. The spreading plates and the conveyor belt are hydraulically driven, without the need for a PTO from the tractor. Equipped with hydraulic support leg and side canvas. Dimensions: 4000mm x 2000mm x 1500mm…

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Samson SBH4

Samson SBH4 for Farming Simulator 19

– Price: 53.000€ – Working Witdh: 21m/24m/30m/36m – store: SlurryTanks Samson Agro SBH4 boom with 4 different working widths. The chant can be configured for the Vredo VT 7028-3 from TMDesign as well as for all slurry tankers from Samson Agro.

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Horsch Leeb PT 280 V1.1

Horsch Leeb PT 280 V1.1 for Farming Simulator 19

Horsch Leeb PT 280 for the LS19 ✔ Added dashboard display ✔ Complete revision of the lighting and addition of many new lights ✔ new cabin roof, cabin floor and tank models ✔ numerous bug fixes and minor adjustments working width: 36m | price: 285000€ | tank volume: 8200l | working speed: 15km/h | 285hp…

Download Horsch Leeb PT 280 V1.1