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Best FS19 Sprayers Mods

Stara Hercules 6

Stara Hercules 6 for Farming Simulator 19

Stara Hercules 6.0 is used for top dressing as well as limestone Contains two models from different years, the current Hercules and the 2016 model ✔ 36 meter working width for fertilizers ✔ 14 meter working width for fertilizers ✔ 220 horsepower ✔ Working speed of 12.4 mph ✔ Capacity of 12000 liters of limestone and fertilizer

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Stara Tornado 600 MD

Stara Tornado 600 MD for Farming Simulator 19

Features – Rotomolded Polyethylene Funnel Associated With Resistance With Flexibility. ✔ has stainless steel discs, vanes and discs. ✔ precise adjustment. ✔ Distribution: fertilizers, limestone. Work width: 18m Price: 3500 Capacity: 600

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John Deere 4730 Sprayer V2.5

John Deere 4730 Sprayer V2.5 for Farming Simulator 19

A Beautiful Sprayer In The John Deere Brand! ✔ Model: 4730 Self-Propelled Sprayer ✔ Price: 230,000 ✔ 250,000 € ✔ Power: 169kw / 230HP ✔ Speed: 45km/h ✔ Fuel tank capacity: 269 L ✔ Tank Capacity: 3000 L ✔ Width: 38m ✔ Manure System support ✔ Sprayer Section Control support ✔ New loading pipe animation

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Fendt Rogator 6X5 V1.6

Fendt Rogator 6X5 V1.6 for Farming Simulator 19

conversion of the rogator 600 from fs17. added ic control added universal passenger added compatibility with hose mod from wopster added 665 engine configuration added different tank sizes Changelog V1.5.0.0: ✔ more realistic on/off animation ✔ added wiper animation ✔ more realistic dirt textures & amount ✔ improved color difference between body and background decals FENDT ROGATOR 600 V1.4.0.0 ✔ improved passenger position ✔ fixed airhorn movement while unfolding ✔ added character movement to acceleration pedal Changelog: ✔ added gearbox options (40kph / 50kph) ✔ added visible airhorn config ✔ improved ic functionality ✔ added different steering options (front wheels / back wheels / all wheels) ✔ improved positioning of the…

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TLX Mounted Spreader

TLX Mounted Spreader for Farming Simulator 19

Salt spreader to be mounted on a 5th wheel. Spread salt to remove small layers of snow. Salt does not work on deeper snow. ✔ 3 implements in one: Salt spreader, Snow-Melter and Fertilizer Spreader (Lime and Solid Fert.) ✔ Price: 7000€ ✔ Max. working speed: 25 kph ✔ 2 Working width: 7m or 13m ✔ Container volume: 2100L Required Mods: ✔ TLX 2020 Series (By: pZonaKo)

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