Best Sprayers mods for Farming Simulator 19

Dammann Profi Class 50 Series

Dammann Profi Class 50 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Dammann Profi Class 50 Series Type: tandem Year of construction: 2010 Capacity: 10000 liters Working width: 36m Basic price: 158.000, – Required power: 147 KW / 200 PS Special features: lighting system (HD Night LUX), suspension in the mast, induction lock 45ltr., Pump output 320l / min Complete individual nozzle shutdown (Sprayer Section Control) Supports…

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Bredal Pack V1.1.2

Bredal Pack V1.1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

Bredal spreader pack with new dirt The pack includes the Bredal K105, K165 and F2WS4000 All of them have a new dirt color and look more chalky and no longer brown Dirt and maintenance interval adjusted. F2WS4000 is a new addition and has been equipped with simpleIC, you can now open and close the cover…

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Mistrál 2000

Mistrál 2000 for Farming Simulator 19

It is a self-propelled hop sprayer Mistrál 2000. Of course you can also use it in the field, but it has a working width of only 5m. ✔ speed 20km / h ✔ working speed 10km / h ✔ simpleIC support ✔ manureSystem support ✔ Lots of animations

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L-116 for Farming Simulator 19

Soviet fertlizer spreader for small farms Working width: 7m Price: 1500 € Capacity: 300 / 350 / 400 l Category Fertilizer Technology

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