Best Tractors mods for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt Vario 900 GEN6 Toten Fs-Team

Fendt Vario 900 GEN6 Toten Fs-Team for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt Vario 900 Gen6 Toten Fs-Team for Farming simulator 19 Price: 282.500€ Power: 305hp Configurations: basecolor configuratiable tire configuration RuL changeable SimpleIC or IC UniversalPassenger Tire Pressure Engine Configuration: Fendt Vario 930 Power Fendt Vario 930 Profi Fendt Vario 933 Power Fendt Vario 933 Profi Fendt Vario 936 Power Fendt Vario 936 Profi Fendt Vario…

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NEW Holland TG/T Series Edit

NEW Holland TG/T Series Edit for Farming Simulator 19

Specifications: Choice of engines (changes together with decals TG new, TG old, T) 360 lighting Illuminated interior GPS selection (StarFire 3000) Choice of weight mount Choice of wheels (MICHELIN MACH X BIB) (dual rear, standard, wheel weight) Wear skin, dirt skin Lights cast shadows (high graphs only) ✔ Price: 100,000 ✔ Power: 215

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NEW Holland T7 2011 Series

NEW Holland T7 2011 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 100.000 € Power: 171-212 hp maximum speed: 43 or 53 km / h Configurations: ✔ Models: T7.170 – 171 hp T7.185 – 188 hp T7.200 – 203 hp T7.210 – 212 hp ✔ Wheels: TRELLEBORG MICHELIN MITAS NOKIAN ✔ configuration of warning lights ✔ configuration of the front loader console ✔ front fender configuration…

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Maxion 9000 Series

Maxion 9000 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Price: 22370€ Power: 130 hp Max. speed: 31 kph The Maxion 9000 series was of medium tractors that came as a revival of Massey Ferguson, it was ready for any heavy duty. There Are The Following Modifications: Colors: Blue Red Motorization: 130 hp 150 hp 170 hp Wheels: ✔ Standard ✔ Wide ✔ Weights

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Fendt 700 Vario S5

Fendt 700 Vario S5 for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt Vario 700 S5 Price: 183.000€ Power: 165hp Configurations: ✔ Facelift ✔ Power or Profi variant ✔ Tire configuration ✔ RuL changeable ✔ frontloader changeable and selectable ✔ S4/S5 Generation Engine Configuration: Fendt Vario 714 Profi Fendt Vario 714 Power Fendt Vario 716 Profi Fendt Vario 716 Power Fendt Vario 718 Profi Fendt Vario 718…

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John Deere 7R 2011

John Deere 7R 2011 for Farming Simulator 19

This is 7R but from 2011. It has different cabin and interior, bonnet, lights, fenders, fuel tank, exhaust pipe, and many more things that make it different from 7R from the game. Motor configuration (7200R-7215R-7230R-7260R-7280R) Country Config (EU-US) Wheel brand configuration (Firseton-Michelin-Trelleborg-Michelin AxioBib-Michelin CereXBib2-Mitas-BKT) Wheel configuration (Standard-Wide)(+)(With wheel weights1)(+)(Twin back wheels)/(Twin wheels)/ Front attacher configuration…

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