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John Deere 7R 2020 Series

John Deere 7R 2020 Series for Farming Simulator 19

Features: ✔ Add config script ✔ ILS system ✔ Engine configurations of 210 hp ✔ 330 hp ✔ Direction indicators ✔ Simple IC ✔ Display for the all-round lighting switched on / off ✔ realistic Starfire 6000 model and screen (Org. Agrardani) ✔ License plates ✔ front and back ✔ Halogen & Led beacons ✔ Original John Deere Hirsch on the bonnet ✔ Air horns, completely fixed ✔ various terminals ✔ Warning sticker ✔ Warning signs with Simple IC control ✔ John Deer steering wheel knob

Download John Deere 7R 2020 Series 

Ford 8600-9600 Pack

Ford 8600-9600 Pack for Farming Simulator 19

This is the complete overhaul of the 9600 Fords I did back in February. It was never uploaded here originally. Features: Single Wheels, Left and Right Plow Duals, Plus Normal Duals, as well as Diamond Tread Singles and Duals. Trelleborg, and Michelin. Configurable Exhaust Pipes. Rops Version: Optional Roll bar, and Canopy. Cab Version: Opening Door. Optional Front Weight. Warning Triangle. Updated dirt, and wear maps. Added more details and decals, and redid the UDIM, and re-worked the model in Blender.

Download Ford 8600-9600 Pack 

Valtra 1580

Valtra 1580 for Farming Simulator 19

The Valtra 1580 tractor made its history in Brazil, its robustness met the demand of the time and, with a turbocharged engine of 145 horsepower (MWM TD229 EC 6), it was ready for any heavy duty. There Are The Following Elements In This Modification: Wheels: ✔ Default ✔ Weights ✔ Broad ✔ Broad + Weights ✔ Twin Wheels Cabins: ✔ Default ✔ Semi cabin Weigh: ✔ Front Weigh 500 KG Front loader.

Download Valtra 1580 

HTZ T-150K V1.3.3.0

HTZ T-150K V1.3.3.0 for Farming Simulator 19

Brief Information About The Fashion: ✔ Plant manufacturer: KhTZ; ✔ Model: T-150K; ✔ Engine: SMD-62, YaMZ-236D-2, YaMZ-238M-2; ✔ Price: 45000 €; ✔ Engine power: 165 HP, 180 HP, 240 HP; ✔ Maximum speed: 35 km / h, backward 10 km / h. Additional Options: ✔ Choice of color (Frame) green, red, blue, dark blue, orange, light green; ✔ Choice of colors (Hood) green, red, blue, dark blue, white, orange, light green; ✔ Choice of color (Disks) green, red, blue, dark blue, white, orange, light green; ✔ Choice of tires (KAMA, Belshina); ✔ Spark of wheels; ✔ Choice of hitch; ✔ Air conditioning; ✔ Choice of State number; ✔ Choice of headlights…

Download HTZ T-150K V1.3.3.0