Fiat 1300DT Modelleicher Edit Tractor for FS2019

Fiat 1300DT Modelleicher Edit for Farming Simulator 19

To celebrate the day I thought I’d release the Fiat 1300DT conversion, which I had originally thought of as a SampleMod for SimpleIC.

It is by and large the standard Fiat which was made a bit more realistic 😉
Axle / track width adjusted at the front the tractor now does not meet in such a wedge shape
realistic possible tyre configurations
frame/engine/hull brown like the original, not grey like Giants
new rims and original hub built for the front
different material Configs for the cabin colour and fender colour
Sound adapted
Engine configurations standard, chrome exhaust and turbocharger (turbocharger visible)

In Addition, The Tug Is Of Course SimpleIC And RMT Ready!

Latest version of SimpleIC: FS19_simpleIC

Latest version of RMT: FS19_realManualTransmission_master

LS19 - Fiat 1300DT Download - Modelleicher's Edit - Frohe Ostern



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