IHC C Family Tractor for FS2019

IHC C Family for Farming Simulator 2019

IHC C-family built in 1981-1985

What was done?

  • Model revised and completely brought to ls19 standard
  • Model in merge-group construction
  • Stoll FL console partly new built including hydraulic connections for Stoll F30 or Stoll Super1
  • New rims installed
  • New exhaust flap installed
  • New sound (and yes it has to be so loud: D … “That must press in the face otherwise that’s no good!”)
  • Interior completely covered with new fabric
  • Seat upholstered in brown leather
  • Interior lighting
  • New license plates added
  • Interior animated
  • Rear window, door and skylight animated via mouse control
  • New hydraulic connections for front and rear
  • Motorconfig 955XL, 956XL, 1055XL, 1056XL
  • Optionally with Rul-L or Rul-L + R
  • Optionally with 20-liter reserve canister
  • Optionally with weight carrier, case weight or Stemplinger front hydraulics
  • Optionally with additional headlights
  • Color choice for tug (base), FL console (design) and rims (used or restored)
  • Many wheel / tire configurations (Trelleborg, Mitas, Michelin)

Price: 28750 € plus painting, conversion and transport costs


Giants Software GmbH
Project implementation: FBM-Dani-86, FBM-Bremi456, Paddle [Create_a_Dead]
other contributors: Butters / BTS, FBM-Puma, FBM-Lukas2002, Kreters-Iceland

Model Ls17: Osszilator / MW team
Front linkage Ls17: Oylerhenry
Sound: lb286
Testers: Nastus1, FBM Team and McBee / MW Team
Video: Nastus1

Others: Osszilator / Kreters Island

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