John Deere 6R V3.0 Tractor for FS2019

John Deere 6R V3.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Decals for the hood completely changed. All smaller engines added (From 6110R to 6250R).

All configurations completely changed to Multiselector instead of the above color palette
New part added to the air filter on the left side of the roof, moves with cab
Universal Passenger built-in
All lift/lower fixed
Own weights and front loader added in matching colours
Speedometer needles changed: Illuminated now
License plate completely realistically rebuilt

-> 3D letters with color selection (green or black)
DRLs can be switched on and off via IC

-> IC point at the light switch on the dashboard

-> light switch animated
Steering wheel now folded up as standard


Tim2305, The_Bautz, Agrardesign, Haubi_LS-Modding, TschiZack Gameing, lb286, Gamer8250, Gtx, [Ifko]nator

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