Wladimirec T25 V3.0 Tractor for FS2019

Wladimirec T25 V3.0 for Farming Simulator 2019

Price: 9800
Power: 31hp

Mod has:

  • opening mask, door, window
  • a moving tachometer pointer
  • moving parts of the engine
  • moving clutch, brake and gas pedals
  • manual gas lever
  • movable front axle
  • the door removed in the workshop

Configuration in the store:
additional work lighting
warning light
TUR console

Visual corrections
Gearbox animation added
Backlighting of clocks has been added
A new suspension seat has been added
A new icon has been added in the store
Lighting has been improved
Textures have been improved
The position of the driver has been improved
PTO has been repaired
Lower hook fixed
weight decreased

FS19 | Old Equipment Mods (2019-04-24) - review


Modmens, Goldenshoes, Tada, Pipciu&Mieciu;
FS 19: Frycuu

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