Best Farming Simulator 19 Trailers mods

Fliegl 8ER Trailer Hirschfeld Edition

Fliegl 8ER Trailer Hirschfeld Edition for Farming Simulator 19

New tipper for Hirschfeld Logistics from Fliegl with a capacity of 49,000 liters and 6 further logo variants. SilentTrust has provided Hirschfeld Logistics with a new tipper from Fliegl. The trailer has 7 variants including: Hirschfeld Logistics, Raifeisen, Nordzucker, Deuka, Agravis and more. Here Are The Values Of The Trailer: 6 different company logos Steering

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Kamaz 5410 & Nefaz 93344

Kamaz 5410 & Nefaz 93344 for Farming Simulator 19

KamAZ-5410: Power: 154 kW / 210 HP; Speed: 90 km / h; Fuel tank capacity: 350 l.; Price: 85 000 €; Choice of primary color; Choice of facing color; Choice of design (with or without spoiler); Use the mouse to open the door; Animated propeller shaft, suspension, fenders; Has a trailer device; Working lighting equipment;

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Camara CD30

Camara CD30 for Farming Simulator 19

A slurry tank of 30m3 capacity, from the Spanish brand Camara. Options And Features: Pneumatic suspension. Forced directional axles. Hydraulic support. Tires BKT FL 710/50 R26.5. Rear work lights. Spreading width 14m. 4 types of different headlights.

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Straw Tray

Straw Tray for Farming Simulator 19

Hardy Straw Tray ideal for transporting round or square bales from the field to the farm, plus the front axle on turret makes it very maneuverable. Use: Transport of round or square bales Price: 8200 €

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