New Leader NL345 Official V1.1 Trailer for FS2019

New Leader NL345 Official V1.1 for Farming Simulator 2019


  • New Leader NL345 version,
  • Fixed all issues with components, collisions and mass,
  • Fixed fenders for proper New Leader version,
  • Animated belt, ladder and back door,
  • New drum spreaders,
  • Fixed foliageBending,
  • Fixed back hydraulic,
  • HD quality decals,
  • US safety labels,
  • Conection Hoses (hydraulic + electric)
  • fully UDIM (fixed mapping),
  • Optional top “Extension”,
  • New, fs19 Lights (trunLights, BackLights, ReverseLights),
  • Working RealLights,
  • Error Free!

Feed belt animation,
Ladder animation (foldable with Tarp),
Back door animation + hydraulic.


Model (base): Alan-Inzunza
UDIM: Alan-Inzunza
Speculars: Alan-Inzunza
Programing and Scripting: Alan-Inzunza, JHHG Modding
Edit: JHHG Modding
Blender work: JHHG Modding
New Leader decals: JHHG Modding

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