Best Trucks mods for Farming Simulator 19

Ural Next 6X6 Flatbed

Ural Next 6X6 Flatbed for Farming Simulator 19

MOD URAL NEXT 6×6 Board v1.0.0.0 for Farming Simulator 2019 Choice of colors for the cab and body, choice of wheels, 6×6 off-road all-terrain vehicle, animations of devices, live suspension and bridges with cardan shafts, autoloading. dirt full of scratches on the frame, choice of chassis and choice of engines with different sounds … The…

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IFA W50 Multi V1.2

IFA W50 Multi V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

IFA W50 Multi ✔ Vehicle Configurable For Desired Swap Trailers: ✔ W50-L/K (just back wheel drive) or W50-LA/Z (all wheel driven) ✔ W50-L/S just for semi trailers ✔ included swap trailers: tippers 2SK, 3SK, chaff construction of type “EAS”, sprayer Kertitox Global M, fertilizer spreader D 035 (also available as salt spreader if seasons is…

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AGM P310 And Bodywork

AGM P310 And Bodywork for Farming Simulator 19

AGM PACK P310. Hello Virtual Farmers, Today I Bring You A Truck With Several Options For You To Customize It To Your Liking! Next to the Truck you have an attachable body with some options, such as Bale Loader and Grain Carrier. P310 TRUCK: ✔ Color option; ✔ Optional taillights; ✔ Height optional; ✔ Optional…

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MAN TGS18500 Tipper

MAN TGS18500 Tipper for Farming Simulator 19

I loved working with the Man TGS 18500 dumpster in FS15 and FS17. For FS19 I wanted a tipper that doesn’t hide the rear window. So I share with you this little truck in FS19 version. All lights are functional, all color choices included and logos and registration are optional.

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MAN TGX 2020 V1.2

MAN TGX 2020 V1.2 for Farming Simulator 19

General Price: € 105,000 Max. Power: 500 hp Top speed: 80 km / h Functions Configuration: ✔ main color ✔ design color ✔ rim color ✔ grill color ✔ MAN logo color ✔ belt color ✔ lamp bracket ✔ Beacon ✔ Michelin man ✔ SideBar ✔ fender cover ✔ driver seat color ✔ Interior sky…

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Kenworth W925

Kenworth W925 for Farming Simulator 19

We have 4 Frame configs: Short, Mid, Long, and tridrive thanks toJDL Logging . One brand new BC style Logging rack made by yours truly. More drop axle figs that I care to admit, but there are 2 for the Mid frame, and 2 for the Long frame, as well as a double drop option…

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ZIL-130 Milk

ZIL-130 Milk for Farming Simulator 19

✔ Power: 150 h/p; ✔ Speed: 80 km/h; ✔ Choice of color (cab, rims); ✔ Tank volume: 5000 l (water, milk); ✔ Animation of dashboard, propeller shaft, mud flaps; ✔ Tow hitch; ✔ Light; ✔ Washable.

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