GAZ-53 Modul Pack v1.1.3 Truck for FS2019

GAZ-53 Modul Pack v1.1.3 for Farming Simulator 2019

The pack includes the GAZ-53 modular truck, a two-axle bulk trailer (4,200 liters) and seven modules for the truck:

  • a tank for water and milk (5,000 liters).
  • fuel tank (4,500 liters).
  • universal tank (4000 liters).
  • a platform with autoload of bales and pallets and. It may transport of dynamic objects.
  • a modul for bulk cargo (4,200 liters) can refuel seeders.
  • a modul for bulk cargo with extended sides (6,500 liters).
  • a body for a silage (10 000 liters).
  • There is a choice of engine, color and design, working light, mirrors and dashboard, UDIM textures. It gets dirty and washed. Clean log.

v.1.1.2 Changelog:
added livestock modul;
added original rims;
removed trailer GKB will be replaced soon;
the number of bales transported by EAL module has been reduced now 6 round and 5 square bales;
wheel alignment;
engine and chassis adjustment an attempt to find a “middle ground” between real characteristics and adequate behavior in the game. Corrected: mass and center of mass both of the truck and modules, engine power, subsidence of springs at different loads and suspension travel. As a result, without modules there is a significant preponderance to the front (although in real life it should somehow be), when the modules are connected the alignment is centering, and when goods loading the center of mass is shifted to the rear axle. The engine pulls the empty car comparatively well and with difficulty the loaded one;
some visual corrections, and also as an experiment replaced the material (painted metal) on the frame, body, and some parts of the modules to rough painted metal;
fix of founded bugs.



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