Kraz New Life V2.7 Truck for FS2019

Kraz New Life V2.7 for Farming Simulator 2019


  • All standard fs19 functions
  • Power 240 hp
  • The maximum speed of 80 km / h
  • Price 65500
  • Color selection
  • Choice of design
  • Select disc color
  • Wheel selection
  • Engine selection
  • Dynamic hoses
  • Seat adjustment

fix compatibility with CoursePlay
2 new types of dual wheels with tires M-93 and ID-304 were added
tires VI-3 and VID-201 bring to real sizes
now tires VI-Z and VID-201 bend a little more under load
sound editing: thanks to Mr.President for trying, but I had to redo everything.
the dump truck’s unloading speed has been changed so that the unloading animation looks more impressive.
changed the order of tires * and work lights **: that is, after updating the mod, you will need to use the workshop and reconfigure the existing Crazy …
* Work lights reassigned simply because I like it more.
** tires are built on the principle of frequency of use in reality: VI-3 -> VID-201 -> ID-304 -> M-93 -> Nokian (left them for those who liked them).
Fixed a bug with the position of the front springs, which sometimes could occur during long driving through potholes.
returned the grill to the footboard next to the right tank
edits ambient aclujena and mud for Krazov
straightening dirt on the rim of gable wheels
added a trailer in the kit to the dump truck
increased sound volume in the cabin
small edits of an external camera for a dump truck
the dump truck loading area is replaced (so that the load lays down more unevenly)
fixed bug of wheels falling into the ground under heavy overload ..
Fixed dirt work on windows and radiator
improved front suspension performance
improved physics of dump truck behavior
improved cabin interior models
added animations of pedals (gas / brake / clutch) and gearshift lever

Мод грузовик Краз-255Б Новая жизнь v2.0.0.0 Farming Simulator 2019



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