Weights mods for Farming Simulator 19

Grabmeier Gewichte

Grabmeier Gewichte for Farming Simulator 19

Contains two weights from the Lower Bavarian agricultural machinery manufacturer Grabmeier. Contains Two Weights: 1100 Kg: weighs 1100 kg Price: 1000 € Color choice with all standard colors and a Grabmeier gray 1500 Kg: weighs 1500 kg Price: 1400 € Color choice with all standard colors and a Grabmeier gray

Download Grabmeier Gewichte 

NMC Warning Weight

NMC Warning Weight for Farming Simulator 19

This weight includes a movable roofrack with both a beacon bar and lights so that you can fit them to all tractors with a front hitch. Options include a rack without the beacon bar, one with the beacon bar and only having the beacon bar. The weight is a big one with a total weight of 1500kg for the bigger tractors with frontlift. Price: 1.800 € Weight: 1500 kg

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Fendt Gewicht 870KG

Fendt Gewicht 870KG for Farming Simulator 19

Fendt weight with a mass of 870kg. This is a weight of the agricultural machinery manufacturer “Fendt” with a total weight of 870kg. This weight is ideally suited to compensate for one-sided leverage, to improve the traction capacity of your all-wheel drive and to possibly ensure road safety again.

Download Fendt Gewicht 870KG