Weights mods for Farming Simulator 19


Bumper for Farming Simulator 19

This is a bumper but it has no special function and serves rather the optics. Please Let The Bumper Lower With The “V” Button And Then Hang It Up! Category: weights Price: 100 € Weight: 25kg

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Face Weight Fendt 3000KG

Face Weight Fendt 3000KG for Farming Simulator 2019

Here I provide you with my somewhat “idiosyncratic” weight, it is still not completely finished but already quite good. Configuration Options: color choice for main color (normal, chrome, matt) color choice for the grid (normal, chrome, matt) dyear tires Setting the labeling whether Vario 1042, 1050 etc.) What Is The weight Of Everything: LED lighting LED indicators in the headlights (known from my Fendt Vario 1000) Luminous safety 7 boundary stripes on the weight the weight is 3000 KG. Headlights work like work lights (with light gel)

Download Face Weight Fendt 3000KG 

John Deere Series 7R With Ezballast Underground Weight

John Deere Series 7R With Ezballast Underground Weight for Farming Simulator 2019

Here is my converted 7R with EZ ballast The original John Deere Series 7R was equipped with a frame with catch hooks for EZ ballast underfloor ballasting. The tractor with special equipment costs € 4,500 more than the standard version. There are 2 weight types available. The light green with 1700kg and the dark green with 2200kg weight. Function: The EZ ballast underfloor ballast can be attached in a few seconds without having to get out. Simply drive the tractor in front of the weight and lower the catch hook. To do this, hold down the left and right mouse button and push it forward. When the EZ-Ballast catch hook is…

Download John Deere Series 7R With Ezballast Underground Weight 

John Deere Weight (Self-Made)

John Deere Weight (Self-Made) for Farming Simulator 2019

This is a John Deere weight Here we have the John Deere weight which was once called “Agrarservice Rügen”. This has been removed here and it is now a pure weight with no name. Don’t let the pictures irritate you. Type: self-made Year of construction: 2019 Basic price: 3800, – Weight: 1800 kg The color is freely selectable

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Doumass SB 600KG V1.2

Doumass SB 600KG V1.2 for Farming Simulator 2019

Medium weight for other work. This weight comes from our own production and weighs 600kg. Price: 1000 € Update: Warning signs do not run over decals anymore Screws run over decals created new store / icon image Dirt adjusted Update Preserved model based on ls19 standard

Download Doumass SB 600KG V1.2