Weights mods for Farming Simulator 19

Wittrock Flex-Weight S/M + M/L

Wittrock Flex-Weight S/M + M/L for Farming Simulator 2019

Front weight of the Wittrock brand for medium to large tractors. The unique Flex-Weight system allows a hydraulic shift of the center of gravity forward. As much traction as possible, as little weight as necessary The mod is based on the original Front weight of the brand Wittrock. The stepless Front weight Flex-Weight is in the field of front weights for tractors in a class of its own. Thanks to its innovative design, you can increase the front axle ballast as required, without changing the basis weight of the front weight. The unique Flex weight system from Wittrock enables a hydraulic shift of the center of gravity to the front. At…

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Polish Pack V1.0.1

Polish Pack V1.0.1 1

Vehicles Ursus C3603P Zetor 5211 Zetor 5245 Zetor 6211 Zetor 6245 Zetor 7211 Zetor 7245 Zetor 7245HoralSystem Zetor 7745 Zetor 7745 Turbo Zetor 7520 Zetor 7540 Zetor 8520 Zetor 8540 Zetor 9520 Zetor 9540 Zetor 10540 Ursus 932 Ursus 934 Ursus 1132 Ursus 1134 Ursus 1232 Ursus 1234 Ursus 1434 Ursus 1634 Telescopic loaders With a 6-meter and 7-meter arm JCB 520 4 Farm Special -JCB 525b Farm Special -JCB 520-4 Cultivating machines Brony 3 -Brony 4 -Agergat cultivated 2.8 m Loaders Tur 3B -Tur 12B -Tur 16B Warfama T350 Troll Attachments for loaders Manure grapple Bale grabber Spoons (three types) Pallet forks Manure forks (two types) Bale forks W350 T350…

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