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Real California Architecture V0.4.8

Real California Architecture V0.4.8 for Grand Theft Auto V

Current Version Of The Mod Contain: Addon version and instruction for it installation was made by Reyser. Installation: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): 1. Does this mod cause FPS drop No, absolutely no. Models designed to be the same quality and optimized like original ones. 2. Does all new architecture has proper LODs Yes, all LODs included. 3. I already had this mod installed. What i should do Just replace dlc.rpf 4. Does this mod conflict with any other mods Yes, with Billboards replacing mods. FAQ will be updated if there’s will be any other common questions.

Download Real California Architecture V0.4.8 

Harmony Dealership [Ymap]

Harmony Dealership [Ymap] for Grand Theft Auto V

This is a car dealership type building up in harmony beside the dollar pills, it is simple but clean look, can be used for other stuff. Doesnt have to be used as a car dealer. To install this file just simple open “OpenIV” then drag and drop harmdealer.ymap into the gta v root folder This is not my first ymap made but it is the nicest i’ve made. Please if you are going to use it post pics in comments or tweet at me on twitter.

Download Harmony Dealership [Ymap] 

The Border Survival5 (Post Apocalypse) [Ymap]

The Border Survival5 (Post Apocalypse) [Ymap] for Grand Theft Auto V

post apocalypse map of 2390 archetypes in five files. Mapping that cuts Los Santos in two with checkpoints at each crossroads. INSTALLATION: gta5 1. require OpenIV 2. Extract the YMAP from the folder and set it on your desktop 3. Start Openiv 4. In Openiv, make sure you go into edit mode! 5. Click update> x64> dlcpacks> custom maps>dlc.rpf> x64> levels> gta5> citye> maps> custom maps.rpf 6. Drop all YMAP file into custom maps.rpf INSTALLATION: FiveM with gurismod apo scipt. 1. Copy “ls freeway 01″ folder and ” manifest.ymf” into “/resources/gurismod apo/stream” folder, of your fiveM server 2. restart FiveM server and FiveM INSTALLATION: FiveM without “gurismod apo” scipt. 1. Copy…

Download The Border Survival5 (Post Apocalypse) [Ymap] 

Police Center Harmony [Ymap/Fivem]

Police Center Harmony [Ymap/Fivem] for Grand Theft Auto V

Hello Today I Present You A Police Center Mapping In Harmony. If You Want To Propose Me Another Idea Of ​​mapping Do Not Hesitate To Tell Me About My Discord. ———————-Installation FIVEM : – ——————– !!! For Have The Map Put Both Files !!! AOpen The File With 7zip, Winrar Or Any Other Program That Allows You To Unzip These Types Of Files BUnzip The File Into Your MAP FOLDER Who Start On Your Server.cfg C For FiveM Servers Drop The Files Ymap To The Stream Folder That Should Be Located In Your Map Folder, And That Folder Shall Need To Be Up On Your Server Resources Folder. After You Have…

Download Police Center Harmony [Ymap/Fivem] 

Trevor Lake House [Menyoo]

Trevor Lake House [Menyoo] for Grand Theft Auto V

for entertainment purposes only. editing and re-sharing in the game is OK. I hope you will like it. !!!Setup!!! rar file. Take it to the game directory. menyoostuff >> Take the spooner here. Then open the game and open menyo with f8 and object spooner >> managed saved files >> trevor lake house download. Good games

Download Trevor Lake House [Menyoo] 

Natural Point [Menyoo] V1.1

Natural Point [Menyoo] V1.1 for Grand Theft Auto V

The installation part is put in the folder “Read me [ENG]” Requirements ➥ GTA V : Steam or Rockstar Launcher ➥ Menyoo : ➥ ScriptHook V : Changelog : Version 1.1.0 ➥ Creation of sets on another river ➥ More plants, trees and animals ➥ Some Easter eggs

Download Natural Point [Menyoo] V1.1 

Designer House [Add-On] V1.1

Designer House [Add-On] V1.1 for Grand Theft Auto V

Designer House developed and designed with 3ds MAX Photoshop CodeWalker GIMS Evo YMAP Converter GTA V Map Helper Menyoo DlcPackCreator Features Garage for 2 Cars Living room Master Bedroom Guest Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Chillingroom Entrance area (with chilling spot) Corridor (with chilling spot) Outdoor Basketball Court Heli Pad Swimmingpool Jacuzzi Terrace (with chilling spot) Bar and more! Install 1. run OpenIV 2. drag and drop the folder designer_house in the following path > modsupdatex64dlcpacks 3. go to modsupdateupdate.rpfcommondata open dlclist.xml and add the line dlcpacks:/designer_house/ that’s it bug list mirrors do not work yet doors collision a bit glichty collision model of the house is not optimal but ok penetration of…

Download Designer House [Add-On] V1.1