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Flying City

Flying City for Grand Theft Auto V

In this mod I have turned the jet into a city that flies in the sky and can take it off installation copy (Flying City.xml) to GTA 5 file/menyooStuff/Vehicle How to use Click on F8 /Then/ Vehicle Options /Then/ Vehicle spawner /Then/ Saved vehicles /Then/ Flying City.xml /Then/ he did all the options /Then/ spawn Will work successfully Donation Link

Download Flying City 

$5 Dollar Bills

$5 Dollar Bills for Grand Theft Auto V

Here’s another simple money texture mod by me, to follow on from the $1 and $2 bill mods I made a little while ago! Like the others, the main reason why I made this is because all money pickups in GTA V take the form of stacks of $100 bills, even though not every pickup gives you that much money. Installation instructions are included, you’ll need to use OpenIV to install this.

Download $5 Dollar Bills