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Stockade Stickups V0.3

Stockade Stickups V0.3 for Grand Theft Auto V

Huge thank you to mcal9909#4168 on discord for heaps of help with making this mod. Thanks to Eddlm for random location code. ABOUT: Stockade Stickups plans to re create the traditional gta online stockade robberies, that were removed in the enhanced version of the game. a stockade will spawn 5 minutes after you finish robbing one(changeable in .ini file) or you can force spawn one if you hit “L” (changeable in the ini file) This mod is early in development so don’t expect too much. Requirements: NativeUI NEW REQUIREMENT AS OF 0.3 Script Hook V Script Hook V .NET Microsoft .NET Framework 4.8 Installation: Put StockadeStickups.dll and StockadeStickups.ini into your scripts…

Download Stockade Stickups V0.3 

True Realistic Driving V (Realistic Mass) V1 Light

True Realistic Driving V (Realistic Mass) V1 Light for Grand Theft Auto V

True Realistic Driving V (Realistic Mass) What is this? This is a script-mod with a primary goal to simulate vehicle dynamics based on mass. GTA V doesn’t take vehicle mass into account for its car physics this mod tries to mitigate that by adding inertia forces based on acceleration. It doesn’t just change the handling.meta values. It applies actual forces on your vehicle when it changes direction accelerates It also tries to make realistic changes in-game to suspension, final drive, grip and more handling parameters referencing the stock handling.meta file. You can disable this in the .ini file if you already use a modded handling.meta. Current Features adding inertia forces based…

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