Vehicles mods for Grand Theft Auto V

Pedal Beer BUS V0.3

Pedal Beer BUS V0.3 for Grand Theft Auto V

Have a great time on the beach with you friends on a amazing pedal beer bus. All together you can enjoy it all at the same time in all the seats. YES they all work! At night the driver can ride with some nice night glow. Chose any color of neon to light it up and still enjoy a peaceful ride together through the nigh sky on the beach with a drink in your hand. FEATURES all seats work working multi color night lights! (For passengers at night) working tail lights Choose your own color of choice (in game) Bar tender Seat! Loads of fun with your friends How to add…

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Lspd K9 Mini Pack [Add-On]

Lspd K9 Mini Pack [Add-On] for Grand Theft Auto V

This mod adds the Los Santos Police Department Metro K9 Platoon into the game. A police division dedicated to canine operations. Credits: Fenton Mapped Stanier GCT Original Scout model Jacobmaate arjent lightbar, scout spotlights bravo_1_charlie, Five0 Arjent mounts. Voit Turyv Stanier Door trims, Traffic Advisor IlayArye mapped scout, Vx5 Voltage Scout police spec, toughbook model, police console improvements. AlexanderLB Wiwang Emergency Lighting System texture, police toughbook case. 11john11 CVPI style hubcaps, K9 base model, trunk equipment Skitty Wiwang Emergency Lighting System model.

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Zastava Koral In L

Zastava Koral In L for Grand Theft Auto V

Visit our website: Features: Damages Corrected Axles Model Optimised Fixed materials Own shadow Collision fixes Corrected Scale Corrected player seat Extra stvari ( kuka , krovni paktreger )

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Mazda RX-7 [Add-On | Extras | Tuning] V1.2

Mazda RX-7 [Add-On | Extras | Tuning] V1.2 for Grand Theft Auto V

RX-7 with an LS. Press Police Siren for strobe lights. enjoy If you want to come to Ambient Mafia click the link below: If you want to join my discord click the link below: [Features] HQ Interior HQ Exterior Extras Tuning Dirt Map Livery [Changelog] 1.2 Livery Dirt [Problems/Bugs] Windows are NOT breakable Tuning don’t open with parts Read the “ReadMe” txt

Download Mazda RX-7 [Add-On | Extras | Tuning] V1.2 

2003 Nypd Chevrolet Impala [Add-On / Fivem]

2003 Nypd Chevrolet Impala [Add-On / Fivem] for Grand Theft Auto V

2003 NYPD Chevrolet Impala [non els] [fivem] [add on] OPEN IV Autoinstaller method in download for SP Flash back to GTA iV, LCPD, here is an all non els model with red and white rotators. interior is low poly thats how gta v was wish to update in the future support my work on patreon non els install methods for Single Player add on and Fivem when you install fivem please remove add on folder from the main install folder nypdimpala Features: Rotary LIghtbar with Traffic advisor grill lights and rear window lights Multi-livery up to 8 skins (template included) Center console Toughbook Partition Trunk Equipment Vehicle Components: Extra_1 White…

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KMW ATF Dingo Bundeswehr

KMW ATF Dingo Bundeswehr for Grand Theft Auto V

This mod brings a German MRAP into the game which is currently in service with the German Armed Forces as primary user. The mod features a standard 3-tone camouflage paintjob and comes equipped with a remote controlled MG3 on the roof. The vehicle itself is enterable for 6 people (including driver). All doors, the roof hatch and hood can be opened. The mirror reflect the environment in real time, all lights are working and so does the dashboard. Glass is bullet proof and the vehicle itself survives explosives to a certain extent. Please make sure to download the CWeaponInfoBlob Limit Adjuster by alexguirre to prevent loading screen crashes. Check out Instagram…

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1992 Nissan Silvia S13 [Add-On]

1992 Nissan Silvia S13 [Add-On] for Grand Theft Auto V

Information Hello and welcome! This is another mod I have made. Isa 1992 Nissan S13 with some widebody flares. If you are interested, join our Ambient Mafia Discord. We are part of a team called Ambient Mafia which is Automotive Photography for GTA5. Owned by Duzty, Krycat, and Flurrayyyy. We have more upcoming mods and private mods. Install Guide Inside the Readme.txt

Download 1992 Nissan Silvia S13 [Add-On] 

Nissan S14 [Fivem/Replace]

Nissan S14 [Fivem/Replace] for Grand Theft Auto V

This is my Build of a drift car i made it and hey its not perfect but in the future it will be if you want to see more of my models join here i mainly make JDM Models but i also do trucks and i am not the best dev out there but i will be up there soon hopefully and once again to check out my future models join here bugs the glass doesnt break no door collision when open hands not on steering wheel Installation instructions are inside the file.

Download Nissan S14 [Fivem/Replace]