Aircrafts mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Macross VF-1 Fighter

Macross VF-1 Fighter for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I fell in love with Macross / Robotech as a kid and am working on adding the Veritech Fighter to Microsoft Flight Simulator. I found a good royalty free model online purchased it and am happy to share it back to the Community at no cost, if this makes another Macross / Robotech Microsoft Flight Sim player happy. Paypal donations are welcome to recoup the cost of the model and to cover the effort that will be going into making this work. It’s still very rough and in its early days but if you’re interested in seeing this get developed further, download it, let your friends know, leave a tip /…

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Animated Millenium Falcon

Animated Millenium Falcon for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Now with retractable landing gear, the amazing work of kingdmac25 who also incorporated the awesome cockpit model from siuliano. I’m also trying custom sounds so here you’ll hear the anguished cry of the co-pilot when the engine stalls. Haven’t figured out engine sounds yet but will update when we’ve got that figured out.

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Bonanza Turbo

Bonanza Turbo for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This mod is a Turbo version of the Bonanza G36 for Flight Simulator 2020 It is a comprehensive redesign of the flight model, engine and lighting and has six new liveries. This mod will enable the Bonanza to achieve 212 knots (243 mph) at 17,500 ft on cruise power and up to 222 knots (255 mph) on full power! It will climb at 1400 fpm at sea level and has full manifold pressure of 29+ inches all the way up to 18,000 feet. The ceiling is now extended to 25,000 feet For details about installation and detailed guide please thoroughly read the included PDF or RTF file in the zip The…

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SR-71 Aircraft

SR-71 Aircraft for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The SR-71 Needs No Introduction, But Here Is A Detailed Description Of Both The Plane And Why I Was Inspired To Build A LEGO Model Of It: The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird is a reconnaissance aircraft that shattered many records, and even though it is well over 50 years old, is still officially the fastest aircraft in the world travelling at a speed of 2193.13 mph (or 3529.5km) Some Interesting Facts On The SR-71 Blackbird: As a huge fan of space flight and all things NASA, the SR-71 Blackbird has always gotten my attention, and so I thought it might be time to make a LEGO model of it. Not too mention…

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