Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 mods



Flightshare for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

FlightShare is an application that works with Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020. No need to install ✔ Just unzip to a folder of your choice and run FlightShare. Current Features Include: Real Maps! GPS Tracks ✔ Real time GPS track of your aircraft Instant Teleportation anywhere in the world Pilot List ✔ Shows information about all other pilots flying. Instantly Teleport to the other planes you are flying with Follow Mode ✔ Click FLW to follow another plane. This will create a dynamic waypoint to that plane Other Pilots GPS Tracks ✔ Real time GPS track of the other pilots you are flying with Easily Create Waypoints by just right clicking on…

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Percé, QC, CAN

Percé, QC, CAN for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

First incursion at Percé, Quebec Sightsee the Rocher Percé like it’s suppose to be. Other Corrections And Addons Will Also Eventually Be Implemented Like: ✔ Correction of the coastal cliffs ✔ Provincial and Bonaventure Island docks ✔ The suspended glass platform of the Geopark ✔ and various others

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747-8I Thai Airways Star Alliance

747-8I Thai Airways Star Alliance for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

This livery is semi-fictional. Thai Airways only operates 747-400 and the Star Alliance 747 doesn’t have the 60 anniversary banner. But I thought it would be an nice addition since Thai Airways celebrates their 60 th anniversary this year. And As With All 747-8 Liveries Right Now Please Note That The Right Side Is Currently Buggy And Unfixable! For installation simply drag n drop into your community folder. Have Fun Flying It And Happy Landings!

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Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka Japan for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Scenery enhancements around Fukuoka Japan, including Hakata Station KBC Radio Tower Akros Nature Building and surrounding block PayPay (Yahoo!) Dome and joining Hilton Hotel Fukuoka Tower and surrounding neighborhood

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Reims Missing Batiments

Reims Missing Batiments for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

J’ai crée un petit pack avec quelques uns des monuments incontournables et manquant sur MFS de Reims tels que ✔ Cathédrale ND ✔ Basilique St Rémy ✔ Basilique Ste Clothilde ✔ Caserne des pompiers ✔ Stade A. Delaune ✔ Centre des congrès ✔ CHU ✔ Fac de Lettre et son fameux amphithéatre ✔ Halles centrales ✔ Gare ✔ L’aéroport (prunay) … à l’est de Reims ✔ Eglise St André J’espère que cet ajout vous comblera Bon vol

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