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Best MFS 2020 Scenery Mods

Edhk Kiel-Holtenau

Edhk Kiel-Holtenau for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Welcome To The German Regional Airport EDHK Kiel-Holtenau! This my custom made version of the small regional airport EDHK Kiel-Holtenau, located at the german harbour-city Kiel at the Western Coast of the Baltic Sea. I plan to continously work and update this scenery, like I already did for XP11. Known Issues/bugs: ILS LOC for approach Runway 08 (imprecise directional beam)

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Ciudad DE Santa FE

Ciudad DE Santa FE for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Se agregaron algunos edificios emblematicos de la ciudad de Santa Fe y se mejoro la distribución general de la vegetacion. Los modelos 3D son de google, y los derechos de los mismos le pertenecen. Se modifico el color de las texturas para que enjaaran mejor con el entorno. v1.0 features Casa de gobierno La redonda Basilica menor nuestra señora de Guadalupe Cementerio municipal Cancha de Colon Cancha de Union Estación general Belgrano GPS Coordinates: -31.636176, -60.701117

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Achaia Clauss Winery (Patra)

Achaia Clauss Winery (Patra) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

In 1859, Gustav Clauss, a representative of the Bavarian company Fels and Co., purchased an area of 60 acres (240,000 m2) of land from the landowner George Kostakis in Riganokampos in Patras at an altitude of 500 meters. His initial interest was in blackcurrents, but he built a summer residence there, where he planted a few vines as a hobby. In 1861 he established the winery Achaia Clauss, which initially was managed by the estate of the Jakob Klipfel company. The first years of Achaia Clauss were extremely difficult since the property was attacked almost daily by gangs of brigands. The new venture nevertheless managed to survive and to establish itself…

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Vilnius Landmarks

Vilnius Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Vilnius Landmarks for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) Includes: Vilnius Television Tower and POI Marker Arch-Cathedral Basilica of Vilnius Gediminas Castle Tower Saint Francisc of Assisi Church Academy of Art- St. Anne’s Church The Church of St Michael the Archangel Vilnius defensive bastion Church of St Johns Naujas Pastatas Three Crosses GPS Coordinates: 54.680502, 25.288773

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The Huge Hole

The Huge Hole for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The hole in Brazil is back. 6°02’19.9″S 36°27’17.1″W – SBLG Lagoa Nova Airport Changelog: Huge hole in Brazil has been f̶i̶x̶e̶d̶ restored Installation: Download the zip file and extract it to the community folder. The community folder should be located inside your Microsoft Flight Simulator Folder which resides in the AppData. Windows Store: Example: C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataLocalPackagesMicrosoft.FlightSimulator Steam: Example: C:Users[USERNAME]AppDataRoamingPackagesMicrosoft.FlightSimulator

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Metz (France) Part 2/2

Metz (France) Part 2/2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I offer you the modeling of the city of Metz, a very beautiful city and prefecture of Lorraine, in 2 parts In This Second Part, You Will Find Other Key Places More Eccentric: Stade Saint Symphorien Waves Shopping Center Station Centre Pompidou The Arena of Metz Hoping to have lived up to my modeling of this magnificent city All rights held by Google (3D Google Maps images)

Download Metz (France) Part 2/2