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Osaka City Package VER1.0 (W.I.P)

Osaka City Package VER1.0 (W.I.P) for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Osaka City Package Osaka is the largest city in the western part of Japan. With 8.8 million people, it is the second most populous city after Tokyo. There are world-class tourist destinations such as Universal Studios Japan.Also, because Kyoto is nearby, there are many overseas tourists. LOD has been installed in all internal scenery. Color adjusted. The Ferris wheel, a landmark of the city, is being adjusted. We plan to add more files after this. Skybuildings not included in this fileThe location is close and it supports LOD, so please use it at the same time. Have fun, thank you.

Download Osaka City Package VER1.0 (W.I.P) 

Santos – Brazil

Santos – Brazil for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Santos (23°58’12.1″S 46°21’43.5″W) is located in the southeast region of Brazil. Please unzip the files to your Community folder in flight simulator 2020. There are several videos on Youtube showing how to locate your community file. Enjoy the flight and leave your coments.

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FT Benning Airborne Training 250FT Towers Animated V1.2

FT Benning Airborne Training 250FT Towers Animated V1.2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

RDJ Simulations (Thank You For Your Service Mod) In This Series We Addon The 2 ✔ 250 Ft Towers For Airborne Training Af Ft. Benning Georgia USA With (animated Jumpers) . Dedicated To The Many Thousands Who Did This Course To Become (paratroopers) I Did It In March Of 1983 For My USMC Force Recon Unit I Was In 3rd Force Recon..We Had US Navy Seals And Marine Shore Party Guys In The Course Also ..The US Army Was Great And All The Guys ✔ And Gals✔ Yes We Had 4 Gals That Made The Course ..I Enjoyed This Course And The Memories.. A Salute To The (Black Hats) And The…

Download FT Benning Airborne Training 250FT Towers Animated V1.2 

Chenonceau Castle France

Chenonceau Castle France for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Le château de Chenonceau est un château de la Loire situé en Touraine, sur la commune de Chenonceaux, dans le département d’Indre-et-Loire en région Centre-Val de Loire. Chenonceau avec sa célèbre galerie à deux étages qui domine le Cher est l’un des fleurons de l’architecture du Val de Loire. Ses emprunts à l’Italie et ses caractéristiques françaises sont clairement perceptibles. Chenonceau est construit, aménagé et transformé par des femmes très différentes de par leur tempérament. Il est édifié par Katherine Briçonnet en 1513, enrichi par Diane de Poitiers et agrandi sous Catherine de Médicis. Il devient un lieu de recueillement avec la reine blanche Louise de Lorraine, puis il est sauvegardé…

Download Chenonceau Castle France 

Italy – Lecce

Italy – Lecce for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Photogrammetry of Lecce, the beautiful “southern Florence”. It is located in Apulia, in the Salento region. Coordinates 40.352385, 18.172442. Let Me Know What You Think, Your Opinion Is Very Important. Please Consider This Is My First FS2020 Scenery, So It’s Not Perfect… Any Advice Is Welcome! Hope you enjoy it. Nearest Airports: LIBR Brindisi Casale (airliners) LINL Lecce Lepore (general aviation) LING Aviosuperficie Fondone (ultralight) LIBN Galatina military airport (military) Installation: simply paste the “Lecce” folder into your “Community” folder.

Download Italy – Lecce 

PR. Beatrixsluis Nieuwegein

PR. Beatrixsluis Nieuwegein for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

The Princess Beatrix locks is a lock complex in the Dutch municipality of Nieuwegein with three chambers. Via the Lek Canal, CEMT class Vb, they form the shipping connection between the Lek River and the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal. They were, as the first building in the Netherlands, named in 1938 after the then newly born Princess Beatrix.

Download PR. Beatrixsluis Nieuwegein