TU/E Scenery Pack for MFS2020

TU/E Scenery Pack for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Compilation of several buildings of the Eindhoven University of Technology.

Current Version Includes:
Alcodome (3D Warehouse)
Athene (3D Warehouse)
Atlas (3D Warehouse)
Auditorium (3D Warehouse)
BBC (3D Warehouse)
Ceres (3D Warehouse)
Cyclotron (3D Warehouse)
Gaslab (3D Warehouse)
Gemini-Noord (3D Warehouse)
Gemini-Zuid (3D Warehouse)
Helix (3D Warehouse)
Impuls (3D Warehouse)
Kennispoort (3D Warehouse)
Koeltoren (3D Warehouse)
LaPlace (3D Warehouse)
Luna (old) (3D Warehouse)
Matrix (3D Warehouse)
MetaForum (old) (3D Warehouse)
Multimedia Paviljoen (3D Warehouse)
SSC (3D Warehouse)
Vertigo (3D Warehouse)
Zwarte Doos (3D Warehouse)

I’ve added some lighting at night as well to light some of the buildings up. I am aware that some buildings are using older models (Luna and MetaForum are not correct, especially MetaForum), I was unable to find more recent models, but I might try to make them myself. This scenery pack does not include the entire TU/e campus because I was unable to find models for certain buildings (like Flux). The walkways aren’t modeled either (mostly). All of the rights of these models goes to the original creators: Poul and Christian F. whose models I used. These models currently don’t have any LOD settings since the models themselves are already quite light on the vertex count. Do keep in mind that this scenery pack is considerably larger in size than my Eindhoven Scenery Pack simply because the models included in this pack are of higher quality & quantity.

might update this pack later on if I find some better models / more models for missing buildings or if I decide to make the missing models myself.

Authors: R1NS3



ModsHost claims no ownership or authorship of this mod - files, images & description. All credit goes to the author of this work.
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