Best Papua New Guinea mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Ayga Goroka V1.2

Ayga Goroka V1.2 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

I modified the original MSFS airport to make it more realistic for the flights The modification consists of new generic buildings and hangars resembling google pictures, runways and taxiways correction with markings. Added some objects. V 1.1 update commercial airport V 1.2 update apron GA GPS Coordinates: -6.075140261146716, 145.3923323371955

Download Ayga Goroka V1.2 

Gusap Airdrome V1.1

Gusap Airdrome V1.1 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

During late 1943, Gusap Airfield was used by U. S. Army Air Force (USAAF) fighters, light bombers and liaison aircraft as a forward airfield during late 1943 until the middle of 1944. Built by U. S. Army engineers including the 871st Airborne Engineer battalion, Gusap Airfield complex included eight runways surfaced with grass plus 180…

Download Gusap Airdrome V1.1