Best Poland mods for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Lighthouse Swinoujscie

Lighthouse Swinoujscie for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Lighthouse Swinoujscie Renovated yellow brick lighthouse, built-in 1857. 300 steps lead to its top, from where you can admire the sea. Installation: Unpack the file, then move the folder named “Lighthouse Swinoujscie” to the Community MSFS2020 folder. GPS Coordinates: 53.916170872972515, 14.284827886205978

Download Lighthouse Swinoujscie 

Wroclaw City V1.4

Wroclaw City V1.4 for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

WELCOME to WroclawCITY v 1.4 made by Mateusz “GALI” Galiński Installation: DELETE OLD VERSION FIRST !!Next copy “wroclawst” to /community NEW UPDATE V 1.4: ✔ Port miejski ✔ Szpital Wojskowy + Lądowisko helikopterów ✔ Wieża Ciśnień (plac Daniłowskiego) ✔ Nocne oświetlenie dla dodanych modeli + korekta kolorostyki tekstur ✔ Drobne poprawki estetyczne dodaych wcześniej modeli…

Download Wroclaw City V1.4 

Eppr Pruszcz Gdański

Eppr Pruszcz Gdański for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hello. I present the original scenery of the Aeroclub Airport in Pruszcz. Have a nice Fly! INSTALLATION: 1. Unpack the zip package 2. Copy the folder “olitemp-eppr” to the Community folder in the main game folder. 3. Happy Flying! Greetings, Oliver Grzechnik GPS Coordinates: 54.250547447439814, 18.6707794051884

Download Eppr Pruszcz Gdański 

Kielce – Masłów Airport – Epka

Kielce – Masłów Airport – Epka for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Hi, There! Kielce – Masłów Airport (EPKA) is VFR aerodrome recommended for small General Aviation Aircrafts based near to the Kielce City in Świętokrzyskie Mountains in Poland. Fall in love with polish landscapes flying Cessna C152 from EPKA airport. Install: put “epka” folder into your community folder Enjoy! GPS Coordinates: 50.899642, 20.728616

Download Kielce – Masłów Airport – Epka 


GóRA ŻAR Epzr for Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020

Międzybrodzie Żywieckie – Mountain Gliding School “Żar” AP. Airport elevation 1230 ft (1182-1289). Not the hunk of the airport traffic circle. Work landing on RWY 05 (Auxiliary RWY 08). Note: Due to landing on the slope, it is IMPOSSIBLE to go around from the leveling height. Compulsory two-way radio communication in ATZ. Be careful due…

Download GóRA ŻAR Epzr