Cars mods for MudRunner

Finalization Of The Default UAZ 469 And 3151

Finalization Of The Default UAZ 469 And 3151 for MudRunner

Finalization of the default UAZ 469 and 3151. The mod was made for yourself. Redesigned engine, gearbox, wheels, chassis and much more. Average permeability +. The wheels are taken from the uaz_469_by_Swamper mod. Installation: For temporary use, place the files in the media folder. If forever, then to the archive Write your comments and suggestions in komenty, I will take into account and answer.

Download Finalization Of The Default UAZ 469 And 3151 

GAZ M-72 (Modified) + 4 Colors

GAZ M-72 (Modified) + 4 Colors for MudRunner

There are two SUVs in fashion, the differences in wheels and settings. 4 colors to choose from. Texture Changes: New cleaner body textures; New body speculator; Cleaned chrome parts from moss; Enhanced shine of chrome, mirrors, reflectors and headlights; Cleaner glasses and headlights, increased transparency; Changed color of addon textures; Added a normal map for the addon; Removed exhaust pipes from the addon; Repainted wheel textures; New wheel spec; Repainted disks and tires of off-road wheels; New speculators of wheels and tires of off-road wheels; Replaced tread marks on off-road wheels from default to off-road. Changes To Settings: Adjusted the suspension (the off-road has a higher, softer and more travel); Adjusted…

Download GAZ M-72 (Modified) + 4 Colors 

Trekol-39294 Mod V02.08.20

Trekol-39294 Mod V02.08.20 for MudRunner

TREKOL-39294 is a Russian amphibious six-wheeled all-terrain vehicle on ultra-low pressure tires. The name “TREKOL” comes from the words “TRansport EKOLogichesky”, because thanks to the ultra-low pressure tires, the all-terrain vehicle can move along the moss cover of the tundra without damaging it. In the pack, there are 2 all-terrain vehicles, differences in color. An Envelope From SnowRunner! Have: 18 of their own + 1 standard addon; various animations; your cargo. Standard trailer requires “Old-timers” DLC

Download Trekol-39294 Mod V02.08.20 

Trekol 6×6 V1.2

Trekol 6×6 V1.2 for MudRunner

Envelope car Trekol 6×6 from SnowRunner. Version 1.2: Changed the light, turned off the light during the day on add-ons. Added patency, reduced weight, etc. Added a couple of buns in the form of antennas.

Download Trekol 6×6 V1.2