Best Maps mods for MudRunner

Level 68RUS V2 Map V12.04.21

Level 68RUS V2 Map V12.04.21 for MudRunner

Envelope from SpinTires (v03.03.16). The second version of the map – without building bridges. On the map there is 1 garage, 1 gas station, 1 logging site, 1 loading point and 6 sawmills. On the road near the border of the map, be careful, trailers and semi-trailers are buggy (this cannot be fixed, there is…

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Kotovsk 68 Map V11.04.21

Kotovsk 68 Map V11.04.21 for MudRunner

Envelope from SpinTires (v03.03.16). There are two maps in the archive: one with the construction of bridges (not for the faint of heart), the second has already been built. There is invisible dirt, as well as HARD. Not for default. Passing the map is desirable as a team. Special thanks to SERJ.46 for the envelope….

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OLD Villages Map

OLD Villages Map for MudRunner

The territory of the map represents a variety of terrain. Rather bumpy roads can be encountered, but the choice of path is yours. It is necessary to repair the “KamAZ” with a hitch for the semi-trailer to open the garage. Deliver logging material to villages for further processing. Default rest card. ✔ 1 Garage (closed);…

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China Island Map V1.01

China Island Map V1.01 for MudRunner

I greet everyone and happy spring! And on the map, an insanely juicy and colorful summer on the island of China is already reigning throughout. Heat, dry roads and forest transportation await you in this area. Rumor has it and it is quite possible to drive on a mono drive. Who knows if you take…

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7 Map V02.04.21

7 Map V02.04.21 for MudRunner

7 – map for a quiet passage number 7. To start the map, you need 3 DLCs: Valley, Ridge and Old-timers. Map size 1 km x 1 km. The Map Contains: ✔ 1 garage (closed); ✔ 1 fuel station; ✔ 2 loading points; ✔ 7 sawmills; ✔ 12 points of reconnaissance; ✔ 4 cars at…

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UP To 7 POT 2 Map V03.04.21

UP To 7 POT 2 Map V03.04.21 for MudRunner

Hello to all extreme lovers! I present my new card “Up to 7 Pot 2”. The map has its own sounds, many third-party objects, equipment, vegetation, as evidenced by its weight. On weak PCs, the FPS will sag. The map is made in such a way that it is impossible to drive with a long,…

Download UP To 7 POT 2 Map V03.04.21 

Wharf Map

Wharf Map for MudRunner

On The Map: ✔ 1 gas station; ✔ 2 garages (closed); ✔ 1 logging site with automatic and manual loading; ✔ 6 sawmills; ✔ 9 points of reconnaissance; ✔ 4 cars at the start + 6 on the map. Find, repair and refuel two cars with garage parts, one of them is completely drowned in…

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There ON Narrow Paths 3 Map

There ON Narrow Paths 3 Map for MudRunner

Map “There On Narrow Paths 3”. In Appearance And Location Of Locations It Differs From The Previous Parts. As In The Previous 2 Versions, In Some Places The Narrowest Sections Are Possible, But There Are Also Mud, Smooth And Wide Roads. You Can Replace The Starting Vehicles With Your Own, The Passage Will Not Change…

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