Difficult Path Map V14.08.19 for MUDRUNNER

Difficult Path Map V14.08.19 for MudRunner

The map consists of two parts, 2 by 2 km in size.

Hello. After the summer torrential rains, some sections of the road are very washed out, so you have a difficult path ahead of you. There is a plot where you can load timber, but transportation of timber from there is a very long process. But there is information that the loaded cars are somewhere on the map. But they are faulty. You have to fix them. Conserve fuel ✔ there is little of it.

On The Map:
✔ 7 sawmills;
✔ 1 garage (closed);
✔ 2 gas stations;
✔ 3 cars at the start (you can change);
✔ 2 collection points;
✔ 1 loading.



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