Logistics XL Map for MUDRUNNER

Logistics XL Map for MudRunner

The map is not “for an hour” or “for a day”, has a size of 1.7×1.7 km, and is intended for SpintaersMod! Install the latest version of Spintaersmod for a comfortable game.

You are the driver of a transport company, and you have a lot of work to do – there are orders from builders, road workers, and also from an old friend, Kuzmich.

1. Firstly, after the flood, the old wooden bridges were damaged – first they have to be repaired.

2. Another garage van rolled under the bridge – you need to get it out and deliver parts to all four car depots in the area.

3. Concrete plant builders need stones from a crushed stone quarry.

4. Bricks must be delivered to the building materials factory.

5. From factory to the construction site – concrete slabs.

6. Road bridge repairmen – concrete beams from the railway station, as well as metal for the large bridge – from the warehouse.

7. It is also required to lay pipes in places of drainage repair.

8. Kuzmich asks you to complete several assignments for him, in return, he will share with you one box of vodka from those that he asks you to bring him. Perhaps he will share.

9. The second order of Kuzmich is to build a bathhouse (we need rounded clean logs).

10. Thirdly – drive the Cossacks into the garage (iron garage in the yard. Attention! Do not unload the Cossacks in other places!).

11. Fourthly – to repair the boats at the boat station – for this, bring boards.

12. And finally, you need to take the wood to the sawmills.

Author: dmitriy1815



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