Materials mods for MudRunner

Trestle For Editor

Trestle For Editor for MudRunner

Overpass model for the editor. It has long legs and can be used as a bridge. Installed as usual objects: in the root of the editor, the Media folder. I haven’t tested it in mudrunner-e, because conflicting editors. Everything should work as it should the files are not cached, the registration is made following the example of a concrete bridge in mudrunner. If you suddenly have any problems write. I will provide screenshots from the back …

Download Trestle For Editor 

Spintiresmod.exe V1.9.2 Beta3F

Spintiresmod.exe V1.9.2 Beta3F for MudRunner

Manager of mods, the ability to disable / enable signed workshop mods. New mod support system. Ability to connect additional language files. Workshop mod localization system. Support for tracked vehicles. Increased the size of the physical world allows you to play on maps larger than 1x1km. Scrolling done when choosing a map. You can disable file verification. Sync light cars in multiplayer. Editor: Supported version: Spintires Mudrunner Editor Beta version 23.01.19. Removed restrictions on the size of the map when creating a new one. But at the moment there are bugs with large sizes, including errors with a lack of memory. Improved calculation of heights (you can make more steep slopes)….

Download Spintiresmod.exe V1.9.2 Beta3F 

Bridge That Needs To BE Built (FOR Card Makers)

Bridge That Needs To BE Built (FOR Card Makers) for MudRunner

There is a bridge, a stand for it, a semi-trailer for plates and loads for a bridge and a semi-trailer. And yet, the test card. There are two krazy, instead of one of them put a tap and you can practice and see what and how. On the map, this whole thing should be put like this: put the default bridge, and then combine with it the stand and the bridge itself (car). Then delete the def bridge and that’s it. If the bridge is bugging, lift it a little higher from the stand (you need to test). When dropping cargo at the bridge, the model flies outside the map, that…

Download Bridge That Needs To BE Built (FOR Card Makers)