Best Materials mods for MudRunner


Ukrfikator for MudRunner

This is a translation of mudrunner from Russian into Ukrainian, the archive contains both the ukrfikator and the original, because it replaces “Ru” in Russian. Installation: put the “strings” folder in the archive This is a complete translation, but I did not translate some things, this is everything related to ps4, gamepad and xbox,…

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Suspension Bridge For Spintires And Mudrunner Editors

Suspension Bridge For Spintires And Mudrunner Editors for MudRunner

Suspension bridge for SpinTires and MudRunner editors. The model was taken from the Internet, corrected and adapted for the game. Many thanks to the authors of the models and textures. Hopefully there is still demand for mud and back items. It has no animations (static), so as not to overload the game and computers. Hopefully…

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Lazy Mods V0.1

Lazy Mods V0.1 for MudRunner

I sketched a program, an analogue of SPMMM or JSGME, only the whole process is fully automated. The Task Was As Follows: To Make Sure That When The Game Starts, The Mods Themselves Are Copied To The Media Folder, But With A Delay Of A Certain Number Of Seconds, And When You Exit The Game,…

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Spintiresmod.exe V1.10.14

Spintiresmod.exe V1.10.14 for MudRunner

✔ Mod manager, the ability to disable / enable signed workshop mods. ✔ New support system for mods. Ability to connect additional language files. Mod localization system in the workshop. ✔ Support for tracked vehicles. ✔ Increased size of the physical world ✔ allows you to play on maps larger than 1x1km. ✔ Made scrolling…

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Collection Of Materials For The Map Editor V2

Collection Of Materials For The Map Editor V2 for MudRunner

Collection of objects for the editor. Materials are collected from various sources and adapted for the editor thanks to the authors. In The Archive: ✔ models; ✔ overlays; ✔ materials. Use Your Health Successful And Interesting Cards! Version 2: Small Addition: ✔ Barracks, hangars, houses, shops; ✔ Added texture of mountains in materials.

Download Collection Of Materials For The Map Editor V2 

Trestle For Editor

Trestle For Editor for MudRunner

Overpass model for the editor. It has long legs and can be used as a bridge. Installed as usual objects: in the root of the editor, the Media folder. I haven’t tested it in mudrunner-e, because conflicting editors. Everything should work as it should the files are not cached, the registration is made following the…

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