Packs mods for MudRunner

Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack V2.9

Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack V2.9 for MudRunner

I Am Glad To Present You A New Version Of The Mod Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack *! It includes the mods I previously created Realistic lossless graphics *, Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod and my other mods are now in one installer. Works in versions 22.03.19, 08.14.19 Graphics • Returns game natural colors • Removes stains on the camera • Removes noise at night • Make Christmas trees in the game fluffy • Changes the grass in the game to a more natural • Removes ridiculous red tint from all plants • Replaces a winch cable with a natural one • Changes the weather with a smooth…

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Zil 133 Pack

Zil 133 Pack for MudRunner

Features Of The Mod: • ZiL 133gy; • ZiL 133m; • ZiL 1336X6; • ZiL 133. Pack ZIL Has: • own wheels; • Own bodies, trailers; • own goods; • Own textures; • Various animation; • Your sounds.

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Izh-Moskvich Pack

Izh-Moskvich Pack for MudRunner

A pack of five cars 408-412 Muscovite 412_028-2715 izh (envelope from Spin Tires) and a deep modernization. 1. From the updates removed the tablet from the passenger compartment, made a soft suspension, finalized some textures 2. Cars carry logs (one short log 4 points) is loaded either on cargo. The trunk, or in the back of the pie. 3. The mod has different animations. Version 10.06.19: 1. Corrected 412 Muscovite added a hitch (he did not see that there was no hitch). 2. Trailer prescribed wheels from a Muscovite (otherwise the view was awkward). 3. One car from the pack has a working radio (I wanted to know your opinion whether…

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Ural Next Pack

Ural Next Pack for MudRunner

Three types of trucks are in this modpack. Differences in color and type of wheels. It Has: 8 of its 16 standard add-ons; various animations; their goods. v14.08.19: An onboard semitrailer with horsemen with the possibility of loading by 6 points is added.

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Object Pack For The Editor

Object Pack For The Editor 3

A pack of objects and materials for the MudRunner Map Editor, which I have not seen in packs. For convenience, objects and materials are sorted by folders; A skin is attached to each object. 03/31/19 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21): Added a lot of materials and overlays; Added objects provided “Lonely Wanderer” for which he thanks.

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