Playable Transport DLC Vehicle Pack for MUDRUNNER

Playable Transport DLC Vehicle Pack for MudRunner

List Of Changes:
Added motor power, now they’re at least driving;
Reconfigured clearance;
Configured soft suspension;
Improved responsiveness of the steering wheel;
Redesigned lighting;
Reconfigured camera, it became much more convenient;
Overwritten MTZ-80 as it fell through the ground;
Added sounds for all 4 cars (there were none at all, they were in the archive only on MTZ);
Made Russification of all machines and add-ons;
Installed missing textures;
Fixed loading of goods on all vehicles, earlier only two bogies were loaded.

But MTZ-80 as it was crooked, and remained clumsy, here all the stones in the one who created it.

Sounds from MTZ are taken from here
Sounds at MAZ

Installation as an ordinary mod, dump the entire contents of the archive into the Media folder.



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DLC_MudRunner.rar (99 MB)
Safe to download: VirusTotal