Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack V3.2 FIN + SP for MUDRUNNER

Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack V3.2 FIN + SP for MudRunner

I Am Glad To Present You A New Version Of The Mod Realistic Graphics Adega Mod Pack *!
It includes mods previously created by me Realistic graphics without loss *,
Realistic graphics + fix ReShade & ST mod and my other mods are now in one installer.
Works in versions 03/22/19, 08/14/19

Graphic arts
• Returns the game to natural colors
• Removes stains on the camera
• Removes noise at night
• Make the trees in the game fluffy
• Changes the grass in the game to a more natural
• Removes the ridiculous red tint from all plants
• Replaces the winch cable with a natural one
• Changes the weather with a smooth flow of time of day
• Makes beautiful sky and clouds
• Makes water realistic
• Corrects the ground surfaces of the game
• Fixed more than 140 textures, I see no point in listing all
• Makes dust more realistic and there are options to choose from
• There are 6 types of different logs
• ReShade is available with the best customized filters
• Changes the look of stones
• Changes the appearance of the bumper
• Optimized a large number of textures
• There are new dashboard options
• It is possible to make the compass transparent
• There is a choice of clouds
• Various night options
• Options to choose from: young month, full moon, no moon
• It is possible to remove pieces of dirt from the wheels
• Possibility to choose realistic splashes from water
• Corrects headlights to white and adjusts other vehicle lighting
• Turn off street lights during the day
• Turn off additional headlights in cars during the day

Cars and addons
• Returns original radiator grilles (Ural 4320, Ural 432010, Gaz 66, UAZ 3151, KamAZ 65111, KamAZ 65115, Kamaz 4310, MAZ 6317, Kraz 255, Zil 131) work perfectly in multiplayer
• Returned 5 cars to the game menu that were removed by the developers: 2 cars A-968M, C-4320, C-65115, D-535
• Many cars have add-ons that were not previously registered (long dissolution, autonomous crane, platform with a crane)
• Also added to most cars additional tanks
• Wheels uaz 3151 and ural 432010 are fixed for off-road
• Power and other characteristics of the car are not affected
• Zil 130 and Kamaz 65115 differential is connected

American trucks plus
• All American cars have improved traction without increasing power.
• GMC DW950: New texture on the headlights, permanent differential, increased steering angle. I received an autonomous forest crane with a spare tank and repair parts, repair parts from American cars, an American service trailer, an American tank semi-trailer, an American fuel trailer, a loader was installed.
• Ford LTL9000 loader installed.
• Freightliner FLD120 repair parts installed.

Ridge DLC Plus
• D-538, B-6A increased cross-country ability and engine power.
• B-6A and tanker hook points added. Added trailers.

• It is possible to turn on the physics of branches
• It is possible to turn on the physics of stones
• It is possible to select the checkpoint of the point of exploration
• Simplified garage menu for SpinTiresMod 1.9.2

Remove screen captions
• Removes unnecessary labels: Response, Transfer, Passed, Distance and Steering devices are used.

Open all cars and maps
• Attention! Overwrites game save and defaults to unlock all vehicles and all maps with one Marshal Star. Useful for those who have lost the gameplay.

Discs get dirty
• Wheel rims on all default cars now get dirty in mud to varying degrees.

Autumn weather
• Autumn atmosphere of playing with clouds, with a denser fog, the sun sometimes sets behind the clouds, all the colors and light of the sun are made in autumn.

• Follow the instructions of the installer, specifying the folder “MudRunner”
• Selecting the desired components
• Complete installation
• Launch the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy
• If for some reason nothing has changed after installation, then clear the game cache manually (C: Users userName AppData Roaming SpinTires MudRunner)
• Selection with a different configuration of components is carried out through uninstallation and reinstallation, and made so that it was possible to return the game to its original state.

ReShade connection
• In SpintiresMod, click Game settings and click the Settings tab, put two checkmarks Enable built-in ReShade and Custom ReShade configuration file *. Then, through the Browse button, we find the folder with the game and select our ReShade.ini file and press Apply *.
• Launch the game through SpintiresMod and enjoy

• There are several options for deleting
• Through the Start menu, if you have agreed to be added to the Start menu
• Through the installation and removal of Windows programs
• Using a shortcut on the desktop
• Through a file in the folder “C: Program Files (x86) Uninstall Adega Mod Pack”
• After removal, the game will return to its original state, as before installing the mod

Version 3.2 Fin + Sp For Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19):
• Fixed sky and fog for “Autumn weather”.
• Support for SpinTiresMod 1.9.1, 1.9.2 and 1.10.x.
• Added SpinTiresMod 1.10.4 to the kit
• For owners of Nvidia GTX 1050 or newer models, instructions on how to further improve the graphics in MudRunner by enabling 2x, 4x, 8x anti-aliasing in the game. All information in the Antialiasing archive.
• General optimization of the mod pack.
• I Repeat !!! Uninstallation Using A Shortcut Or Windows Add / Remove Programs. For Other Problems Caused By Third-party Uninstaller Programs, I Am Not Responsible !!!



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