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Kraz B1 Truck V2.0

MudRunner 3

In the fashion of two trucks. Differences in performance characteristics, textures and wheels. 7 of their own + 17 standard add-ons; various animations; your loads. The model is taken on the Internet. Settings are not default and not approximate)) View from the cabin without dashboard. Version 2.0 (01/29/19) for Spintires: MudRunner (v19.11.18): Added a second truck with large wheels, other textures and performance characteristics. Changed characteristics of the vehicle (gearbox, cross-country, etc.). Other minor fixes.

Download Kraz B1 Truck V2.0 

Level Altai Map

MudRunner 4

On the map: 2 garages one (closed); 2 fuel stations; 11 points of intelligence; 1 logging + 2 loading points; 8 sawmills; 7 cars scattered on the map + 4 slots for cars (replaceable). Size: 1024 by 1024 meters. Guys the card was made under pokatushki with friends! Under their requests! So look what happened! Criticism is welcome!

Download Level Altai Map 

Atas Map V0.1

MudRunner 6

I invite you to take a ride on my regular map, everything is on the map according to the standard of the game, but you can get lost because of the many intersections of roads, I advise you to check the map first, there may also be problems with the fuel, so take a car with additional tanks. Or it will be necessary to work on the fuel truck. The roads are deceptive, neatly in the corners, it’s a shame when you lie on your side just before the sawmill, but I think you are professionals and this will not happen. Good luck in passing the map and in life! On…

Download Atas Map V0.1 

Man TGS-41.480 8×8 Truck

MudRunner 7

Model of Farming Simulator Revision of the Master Shadow model (added 4th axis and made springs) It has various animations including a working balancer. Model Maersk Credits: Andrey M., Tomas, Tomson. All rights to the models are reserved for their authors !!! Mod made: Dmitry Kharisov Author reworked mod: Tosha-70rus It has: 9 of their add-ons 1 default view from the cabin without instrument panel your cargo, including trawl loading transfer 2-4-6-8 points of load

Download Man TGS-41.480 8×8 Truck 

Zil-130 Truck V3.0

MudRunner 8

Finalization of the standard ZIL-130. Register four-wheel drive, front axle now also works. Added several addons (Authors: FURKAT, pokemone). Thanks to addons, you can boot yourself. Has 3 of its addon + 11 standard. The mod has a good cross. Replaces the standard ZIL-130. Version 3.0 for Spintires: MudRunner (v18 / 05/21): I made attachment of addons to the frame, attachment of the load to addons, changed the weight of the machine, now behaves more steadily on an inclined road. So far, all that had time to fix.

Download Zil-130 Truck V3.0