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Forest 1 Map

MudRunner 1

On the map: 1 Garage (closed) 1 gas station 1 Logging 2 points of loading 6 Sawmills 6 Intelligence Points 4 cars at the start of 4 cars on the map Map size: 32 x 32. Attention! the card contains a large number of thirdparty objects and distribution Have a nice ride! Version 15.10.19 for…

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Easy Map

MudRunner 3

Mostly a forest map with water barriers. On the map: 1 garage is closed 1 gas station 9 intelligence points 2 loading points 4 sawmills 2 cars at the start Size 512×512.

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Ravine Map

MudRunner 7

Mostly a forest map, with roads along rivers, lakes and the coast. On the map: 1 garage (closed); 10 sawmills; 1 gas station; 1 lumbering 1 loading point; 1 car at the start; 10 cars on the map.

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Monocry 3 map

MudRunner 9

Welcome to Monocrai 3, continue to drive mono trucks and relax from the mud. There are two options for the card: 8 files for a large company and 6 files according to the standard. Everyone enjoy the game and good mood. On the map: 2 garages (closed); 2 gas stations; 8, 6 sawmills; 10 points…

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