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Zil-133Gya Truck V13.06.20

Zil-133Gya Truck V13.06.20 for MudRunner

ZIL-133 Soviet and Russian truck manufactured by ZIL. It was mass-produced from 1975 to 1999. The first prototypes were released in 1970. It was a three-axle (6 × 4) economic modification of increased payload on the basis of a mass biaxial (4 × 2) ZIL-130 truck. ZIL-133G2 10-ton model. Equipped with a standard 150-horsepower V8

Download Zil-133Gya Truck V13.06.20 

Zetros 4×4 Truck

Zetros 4×4 Truck for MudRunner

Somehow few mods began to come out for MudRunner, I will also add something from myself. Only the frame will spawn. The rest is my redone default. Carries board-body + trailer: short logs 3 + 3 points. Dump truck (non-working) body and trailer: average logs 4 + 4 points.

Download Zetros 4×4 Truck 

MAZ-5549 Truck Mod

MAZ-5549 Truck Mod for MudRunner

I didn’t recognize the exact index, let’s say this (collective farm option). The cross is good, more suitable for singles. The machine was going for myself, quickly. The Mod Has: 15 of its add-ons, 18 standard. In short, what to chat, drove into the mud.

Download MAZ-5549 Truck Mod 

Volvo FMX Truck V2

Volvo FMX Truck V2 for MudRunner

Hello everyone, dear friends, I am taking off another envelope from Spintires v.03.03.16. It has; 22 His addon + his cargo. Patency is good not cheating. Have a nice ride. Version 2 For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): Added fuel animation on the panel truck platform and trailer.

Download Volvo FMX Truck V2 

Atmosphere V3

Atmosphere V3 for MudRunner

This Mod Was Created For Maximum Immersion In The Game. The Graphics Were Created Behind The Motives Of The Stalker Game, But This Is Not Just A Mod On The Graphics There Is Also New Dirt. The Car Gets Very Dirty, Splashes On The Windows, And The Same From Water. There Is New Vegetation, There

Download Atmosphere V3 

Kamaz-4310 Rusty Truck Version 4 FIN

Kamaz-4310 Rusty Truck Version 4 FIN for MudRunner

The basis was taken Kamaz from the pack from Devil38rus Changed: Engine, gearbox, suspension, steering and painting, add-ons added. Has 20 of its add-ons + 12 standard. Carries up to 8 cargo points. Has a good cross. The network only works with SpintiresMod.exe Version 4 FIN For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): Added 2 add-ons additional frame

Download Kamaz-4310 Rusty Truck Version 4 FIN 

Scarab Back 40 Map V07.06.20

Scarab Back 40 Map V07.06.20 for MudRunner

It Can Be Loaded Periodically Due To The Large Number Of Additional Objects! The Card Is Suitable For Rear-wheel Drive Cars! To start the map requires 2 DLC: American Wilds and Old-timers. On The Map: 2 garage (1 open); 3 fuel stations; 1 lumbering + 1 loading point; 1 sawmill; 4 slots for cars (replaceable).

Download Scarab Back 40 Map V07.06.20