MudRunner mods

Kenworth W900 “HARD LUCK” Truck V1.1

MudRunner 1

Changes: Recycled weight, suspension, texture; Added hitch; Reduced power, reduced fuel consumption; Removed your addon, added others (all addons on screenshots); Carries 4-8 cargo points; Thanks to the authors of the mods / add-ons used. P / S To the previous owner of the truck, the inscription on the roof (back and forth) in the…

Download Kenworth W900 “HARD LUCK” Truck V1.1 

Forestry “Pushkino-4” Map

MudRunner 2

The map is made for MAZ 500 series from pokemone. On the map: 2 Garages (closed); 1 gas station; 1 Place of collection; 2 points of loading; 7 Piloram; 13 Intelligence Points; 3 Slots auto (non-replaceable) several cars on the map. Map Features: Map of maximum sizes; At some sawmills, the roads are overgrown with…

Download Forestry “Pushkino-4” Map 


MudRunner 3

Envelope from Spintires. Original author: Dmitry Romanenko (RedPoW, MaximDm67). Three cars have their own add-ons, different animations, transport logs (more detailed description in the archive). Of the minuses – there is no steering wheel animation. If you like the mod, do not be lazy, like and write comments (this is necessary so that I know…

Download VAZ-2108-99 

1992 Ford F150 Ol ’Red MKII

MudRunner 5

Modified and modified car 1992 Ford F150. Features of the mod: 9 of its add-ons; Your cargo; their sounds; Your wheels; The value of friction is reduced. Authorship: Wheels – the original model from Silent; Sounds – Oovee Forum, SpinTireBero; Cargo – Bezon; Some addons, textures, customization – zirrow.

Download 1992 Ford F150 Ol ’Red MKII 

Stones V2

MudRunner 6

Objects taken from the Internet and prepared for the editor. Version 2 for Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): 3D models are significantly optimized, by 35-70% Coordinates and sizes are not brought down, you can safely update.

Download Stones V2 

Dark Forest Map

MudRunner 7

The hardest part of this map is the dirt in the lowlands. On the map: 1 garage (open); 1 fuel station; 1 lumbering 1 loading point; 3 sawmills; 4 slots for cars (replaceable). Size: 1024 by 1024 meters. Version 15.10.19 for Spintires: MudRunner (v14.08.19): The land is leveled to make it look more natural; Added…

Download Dark Forest Map 

Baltic States Map

MudRunner 8

The map is quite suitable for default! To run the map, 4 DLCs are required: Valley, Ridge, American Wilds and Old-timers. On the map: 2 garages (closed); 2 fuel stations; 11 intelligence points; 1 lumbering 2 loading points 7 random loading points; 7 sawmills; 6 cars 8 random cars 2 slots for cars (replaceable). Map…

Download Baltic States Map 

Valim 1 Map

MudRunner 10

On the map: 2 garages – 1 open 9 intelligence points 4 refueling 2 auto-loading and 1 manual, there are abandoned logs on the map 6 sawmills 12 cars, 1 at the start There are many objects on the map (garages, gas stations, bridges, etc.). The size of the map is 1024×1024.

Download Valim 1 Map