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Best MudRunner Textures Mods

Graphics In Mudrunner – More Paints And Colors

Graphics In Mudrunner – More Paints And Colors for MudRunner

I want to share with the community an assembly of textures for the game, which, in my opinion, give a little realism, and maybe even atmosphere to the game. The mod is fully compatible with the graphics mod from Adega, but I think it won’t be bad at default either. A bunch of mods on the graph were rummaged and the most suitable and not spoiling the general concept of the game were selected by their preferences. Autumn was diluted with yellow bushes and autumn with withered grass. And summer is of course meadow and wildflowers. But we are all different in taste and color. ✔ More realistic Rocks and rocks…

Download Graphics In Mudrunner – More Paints And Colors 

Texture Tidy For Nami-058C

Texture Tidy For Nami-058C for MudRunner

Replacing the dashboard for NAMI-058C or Something 1 US 8X8. Works for both Mudrunner and Spintires. The texture itself is from here. To remove the standard “cardboard”, you need to open the xml file of the truck, for example Nami-058S and delete the line: ControlsPos = “(1.771; 2.2; 0.6)”

Download Texture Tidy For Nami-058C 

Texture Demon For Kraz 255

Texture Demon For Kraz 255 for MudRunner

Texture for KrAZ 255 with an original radiator grill for viewers of the Useful Bes channel with the image of a demon known to all. Installation – copy to the archive (if the modpack from Adega is installed in the folder) TextureCache agreeing to a replacement. If you don’t like it, the archive contains the original texture.

Download Texture Demon For Kraz 255 

Textures Pack Default-Plus

Textures Pack Default-Plus for MudRunner

I present to your attention a mod for changing textures in the game MudRunner. These are the textures and meshes of the models that I went through, reworked and put together to make the game a little better in rendering. But how much better or worse it turned out you will decide individually, did it for yourself and for your monitor, in terms of saturation and contrast. Everyone is free to choose what to use and what to replace, or refuse altogether. Collected from various sources: the Internet, similar games, other authors. Briefly About Fashion: Many textures are already familiar to you and you have tried them more than once, many…

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Textures 2 (3PCS) + Setting For GAZ M-72 Pack

Textures 2 (3PCS) + Setting For GAZ M-72 Pack for MudRunner

Changes To Settings Compared To The Original Mod: New color and headlights (for black); New color and headlights for the add-on (for black); New headlights and headlights (for purple); Dark glasses (for violet); New wheels from the mod (for purple); Increased power by 20%; Now the same power on regular and off-road; Increased durability by 50%; To install the mod, you first need to install the original mod Installation There Are Four Folders In The Mod Folder: “Black” (black coloring with red wheels), copy the media folder from it over the original mod “black wheels for black” (alternative wheels for black), copy the media folder from it over the black coloring…

Download Textures 2 (3PCS) + Setting For GAZ M-72 Pack 

Ural-4320-40 Texture

Ural-4320-40 Texture for MudRunner

A small fix for the recent Urals so that the mod from msergt doesn’t turn blue. He also replaced the state. reg. number for those who are already using the blue version. The box behind the cab is now gray and less shiny. TEXTURE Mb9eh6mm__d.dds DELETE! Ural 4320-40 Ural 4320-1912-40 Finalization of the Ural 4320-1912-40 truck We Are Talking About These Mods. Thanks To All!

Download Ural-4320-40 Texture 

Textures And Renderings Pack

Textures And Renderings Pack for MudRunner

New Terrain And Overlay Textures With Resolutions Up To 4096X. Adding Improved Specs For Roads, Gravel And More. Improved Visual Effects For Mud And Water. Improved Spray. Be Sure To Backup The Replaced Files! The above example on the screenshots may not coincide with yours due to the weather, fog, etc. you have changed. I wish everyone to get new sensations and pleasure. The material is a hodgepodge from a bunch of authors and mods, thanks to all the texture authors for their work. I just wanted to share with those who are too lazy to look for everything themselves. Who does not have the Adega_mod folder, just drop the contents…

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