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MTZ 80, 82 Tractor V06.03.20

MTZ 80, 82 Tractor V06.03.20 for MudRunner

Products manufactured by the Minsk Tractor Plant in the territory of the former Soviet Union have been the market leader in various agricultural machinery for decades. But the undeniable flagship and locomotive for many years remains the universally row-crop, legendary MTZ-80 tractor and its many modifications. ADDITIONAL REQUIRED. CONTENT This Product Requires All Of The Following Add. Content: MudRunner Old-timers; MudRunner The Valley DLC; MudRunner The Ridge DLC; MudRunner American Wilds.

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Chtz T-130 Mod V16.02.20

Chtz T-130 Mod V16.02.20 for MudRunner

T-130 (T-10.01, tractor drivers often traditionally call the tractor T-100, or even S-100; expanded “weaving”) the Soviet agricultural and industrial tracked tractor], manufactured by the Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant. It is a deep modernization of the T-100 tractor. The tractor was produced in two versions: ordinary and swamp (T-130B) with an increased track area. The tractor is used as part of a bulldozer-ripping unit, and also as a base machine for a pipe-laying machine and pile pile driver. A further development of the T-130 tractor was the T-170 model with an increase to 174 hp. engine power. There is an agricultural modification of the T-170MGS for plowing rice fields. The tractor has…

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John Deere 4755 Tractor

John Deere 4755 Tractor for MudRunner

John Deere 4755 (1990-1995) Engine John Deere 7.6L 6-cylinder diesel. Engine power 140 kW / 190l.s Checkpoint 15-16 forward, 4-6 back. Depending on the model of the gearbox. Fuel capacity is 102 gallons (386.1 L). Of its add-ons, only a counterweight. It catches 9 default trailers. And any trailers with a default hitch.

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