Best Tractors mods for MudRunner

MTZ-80 And MTZ-82 Tractor

MTZ-80 And MTZ-82 Tractor for MudRunner

Characteristic: 1. Does not replace anything. Tested on MudRunner game. 2. There is an animation of the steering wheel, suspension, exhaust, levers, fan and mud flaps. 3. There are several add-ons and trailers. 4. High permeability. 5. You can carry one load.

Download MTZ-80 And MTZ-82 Tractor 

Tractor T-150

Tractor T-150 for MudRunner

The T-150 tractor can hook on default trailers, the most important thing is that you can call it! For towing, let’s say you sat down somewhere in the mud on a Zila-130 and called the T-150 to the place where you got stuck. And on it, you can safely pull out your stuck technique. The…

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Same Fortis 190 Forestry Edition Tractor

Same Fortis 190 Forestry Edition Tractor for MudRunner

Features: ✔ Your animations ✔ Protector ✔ Front loader ✔ Front counterweights ✔ Your trailers + game trailers by default ✔ Your cargo ✔ Compatible with SR trailers ✔ Compatible with sr scaut trailers ✔ Added texture of missing tracks For a comfortable game, I recommend installing the latest version of spintiersmod. It Has: ✔…

Download Same Fortis 190 Forestry Edition Tractor 

NEW Holland T6.175 Tractor

NEW Holland T6.175 Tractor for MudRunner

New Holland model T6.175 (2012-2016) BluePower ver. 6-cylinder engine 6.7 liters. It Has: ✔ Various animations; ✔ Front loader; ✔ Front load; ✔ Rear cargo; ✔ Trailers + game trailers by default; ✔ Your cargo; ✔ Compatible with SR trailers; ✔ Improved textures; ✔ Fixed shock absorbers in the driver’s seat (more stable view from…

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Kirovets K-701-T-Ttb

Kirovets K-701-T-Ttb for MudRunner

✔ test in the version of the game 14.08.19 Autonomous model ✔ the sounds of the engine from the original model of the game Kirovets ✔ There is an animation of the elements ✔ model gets dirty ✔ there are own modules Working lighting ✔ the driver is present ✔ there is all-wheel drive ✔…

Download Kirovets K-701-T-Ttb