Best MudRunner Trailers mods

Pack Semi-Trailer V3

Pack Semi-Trailer V3 for MudRunner

The old name of the mod: May 9 trailer Carries 6-8 points. The more loading points the more powerful the tractor is needed, 6 points 10 tons, 8 points 21,750 kg. It loads 2 types of logs, the location on the right side, as for the weight of the cargo it is not defaulted and

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Semi-Salvage Shop Trailer

Semi-Salvage Shop Trailer for MudRunner

The semi-trailer shaland transports: logs for 6 points (2 long logs when loading); boards for 8 points (6 medium logs when loading). There are hoses and wires to the hitch and the truck. It clings to the standard hitch (KrAZ-255, KAMAZ-4310, etc.) Spintires version 26/01/19: MudRunner (v19.11.18): Added your load boards for 8 points. Fixed

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Trailer 5 Points

Trailer 5 Points 1

The trailer loads 5 load points (3 short logs). It also has 250 repair points and 250 liters of fuel. There is an opportunity to block the front axle of the trailer when driving backwards. It clings to all trucks that have a registration of standard trailers. including for trucks with DLC “American Wilds” and

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