Best MudRunner Trucks mods

Ural-4320 Truck V01.07.20

Ural-4320 Truck V01.07.20 for MudRunner

Ural-4320 is a dual-purpose off-road truck with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement manufactured at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass (Russia). Made for yourself, an envelope with Spintires. The author of the 3D model: Roman Kovalchuk. Water in the cabin, no steering, jambs are present, maybe fix it. It Has: 11 of its +

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ZIL-157 Truck From DLC Chernobyl V10.06.19

ZIL-157 Truck From DLC Chernobyl V10.06.19 for MudRunner

Added steering wheel animation, steering knuckles, tie rod and cockpit. Addons default (mudraner) (In the DLC Addons are, to put it mildly, bad). Version 10.06.19 For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): I made a mistake with the front left spring (where I had to put 0.1, I set 1.0). And the spring became like a broken one.

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Kamaz-5325 Truck

Kamaz-5325 Truck for MudRunner

Kamaz Has: 2 of their add-ons; Your cargo; Can transport 4 points of cargo and 2 points of the garage; Kamaz-5325 can connect four-wheel drive; The suspension is soft; The network also works. The mod will be updated. Soon I will add trailers to it. And I categorically forbid modifying and laying out the mod,

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Kamaz-65225 Truck V25.06.20

Kamaz-65225 Truck V25.06.20 for MudRunner

The Mod Is On In The Public Domain. Fixed Errors In The Editor, But Not All. Put Your Crane. Animation Of Steering Wheel, Cab, Truck Doors. Animated Mud Flaps, Universal Joints, Mirrors Cargo In The Boat, Liquid In The Tank … In General, There Are Many Animations. There Is No Water In The Cabin.

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Zil-133Gya Truck V15.06.20

Zil-133Gya Truck V15.06.20 for MudRunner

ZIL-133 Soviet and Russian truck manufactured by ZIL. It was mass-produced from 1975 to 1999. The first prototypes were released in 1970. It was a three-axle (6 × 4) economic modification of increased payload on the basis of a mass biaxial (4 × 2) ZIL-130 truck. ZIL-133G2 10-ton model. Equipped with a standard 150-horsepower V8

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MAZ-505 Truck Mod V18.06.20

MAZ-505 Truck Mod V18.06.20 for MudRunner

MAZ-505 (1962) an experienced all-wheel drive truck, created for the army. This model did not go into mass production, most likely giving way to another new product of those years the GAZ-66. In the performance of the author, he became a timber truck on arched wheels. Assembled from scrap metal, mix dirt. The steering wheel

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