Best Trucks mods for MudRunner

Zil-133Gya Truck V02.07.21

Zil-133Gya Truck V02.07.21 for MudRunner

ZIL-133 is a Soviet and Russian truck produced by ZIL. Serially produced from 1975 to 1999. The first prototypes were produced in 1970. It was a three-axle (6 × 4) national-economic modification of increased carrying capacity based on a massive two-axle (4 × 2) truck ZIL-130. ZIL-133G2 – 10-ton model. Equipped with a standard 150-horsepower…

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Kraz-260 Truck V28.06.21

Kraz-260 Truck V28.06.21 for MudRunner

It Has: ✔ 9 of its own + 12 standard add-ons; ✔ various animations; ✔ your cargo. Carries 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 loading points. Version 28.06.21 For Spintires: MudRunner (v25.02.21): Removed 6 of their add-ons. Changed the icon when displayed in the list of mods. Minor fixes.

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Kraz-255B Truck V11.07.21

Kraz-255B Truck V11.07.21 for MudRunner

Legendary truck of the USSR. Produced from 1967 to 1993 at the Kremenchug Automobile Plant (Ukrainian SSR, then Ukraine). Envelope from Spintires, the author of the ZloySlon model. Instrument panel from KrAZ-260. There is no collision of bridges. Carries 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 cargo points. There are two KrAZ trucks in the pack: one…

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Ural-4320 Truck V20.06.21

Ural-4320 Truck V20.06.21 for MudRunner

Ural-4320 is a dual-purpose off-road truck with a 6 × 6 wheel arrangement manufactured at the Ural Automobile Plant in Miass (Russia). Now there are 2 trucks in the pack. Differences in color and performance characteristics. Author of the 3D model: Alexey Bochkov (Casper_B_A). Have: ✔ 16 of its own + 8 standard add-ons; ✔…

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Floating Gaz-Siver

Floating Gaz-Siver for MudRunner

It Is Forbidden To Delete Or Do Anything Else With The Media.xml File! This Is The Setting Of The Physics Of Water, Without It It Will Not Float! Changes: ✔ Stiffer suspension; ✔ Taught to swim; ✔ More powerful engine and cross-country ability (due to a decrease in weight, cross-country ability became about zero, it…

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Kamaz-6522-53 V07.05.21

Kamaz-6522-53 V07.05.21 for MudRunner

KamAZ from Dr. Diesel. Cleared of trash. I left the body of a dump truck, added a timber truck, a garage in the form of a plate truck. When subscribing to Ural-44202 / 44202-41 from msergt, a tanker will appear. No steering animation and water in the cabin. Carries 3-4-5-6-7-8 points. KamAZ-6522-53 (orange) Has: ✔…

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Kraz-7140H6 Mod V16.05.21

Kraz-7140H6 Mod V16.05.21 for MudRunner

The KrAZ-7140N6 cross-country vehicle chassis is designed for installation of industrial installations and technological equipment and operation on roads of all categories and off-road. The mod is based on the car of Sergey Belosludtsev. He left only the autonomy and the trailer from CyMpak, for which he has a huge respect. Carries 4 + 4….

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