Sitrak C7H540 NEW Truck for MUDRUNNER

Sitrak C7H540 NEW Truck for MudRunner

Modification of the mod, has 32 of its own and 7 default add-ons, can carry 3.3 + 3.8 points of cargo.

Changes From The Original:
✔ Reduced the angle of rotation of the wheels from (45 to 40);
✔ Disabled the handbrake at the front wheels;
✔ Reconfigured suspension and wheels;
✔ The steering is close to default;
✔ Reduced the volume of the tank (from 450 to 400);
✔ Changed the time of the plant and the appearance of the exhaust;
✔ Added exhaust smoke;
✔ Increased engine power from (170,000 to 220,000);
✔ Reconfigured gearbox, increased maximum speed;
✔ Corrected the position of the driver’s hands on the steering wheel in first-person view;
✔ Removed the instrument plate;
✔ Increased the underestimated level of flooding;
✔ Adjusted the center of mass;
✔ Rear mud flaps no longer pass through the wheels;
✔ Completely redesigned lighting;
✔ Added instrument lighting at night;
✔ Decreased balance points (from 3 to 2);
✔ Replaced the sound with the sound from the mod;

Texture Changes:
✔ Repainted main textures;
✔ Reduced overestimated gloss brightness;
✔ Reduced glass tint, increased transparency;

Added 32 addons, most of the addons for customization.
Many addons are repainted.
All add-ons have lighting, weight, functionality, fuel animation, etc.

The mod has good cross-country ability, although a mono drive, for whom cross-country ability is not enough, I added a separate all-wheel drive version, for installation copy the “media” folder from the “four-wheel drive” folder over the installed mod.

P.S. For the correct display of lighting, sizes, colors of lights and lights, we recommend Adega Mod Pack or at least the trucks file from there from the _templates folder, since the lighting is configured using templates.



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