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Ikarus 280.06 BUS

Ikarus 280.06 BUS for MudRunner

✔ test in the version of the game 14.08.19 Autonomous model ✔ there are your own sounds of the engine ✔ There is an animation of the elements ✔ model gets dirty ✔ there are own modules ✔ their wheels Working lighting ✔ the driver is present

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BTR GAZ Mod for MudRunner

My first test envelope from SnowRunner. (I did it quickly, maybe I didn’t finish it, I didn’t finish it) 3d model author Aleksandr Korpusenko ✔ The author of the envelope in SnowRunner ✔ Rng3r ✔ this mod. Envelope and refinement in MudRunner ✔ Soul Reaver I want to say thank you; Canislupusalbus ✔ for general assistance in mod adaptation, yansors ✔ for the provided PCT converter, AlexNez ✔ for a bag converter.

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UAZ 452 “Loaf”

UAZ 452 “Loaf” for MudRunner

UAZ-452 cars produced between 1965 and 1979. They have a variant of the GAZ-21 engine. The wheel formula is 4 × 4. In 1997, the car received a new motor UMZ-4218 with a volume of 2.9 liters and a capacity of 98 liters. with. In 2008, this motor, together with Bosch, with which UAZ collaborated in the field of electronic fuel injection, was modernized, it became known as UMZ-4213 (2.9 L, 99 HP) and met Euro-3 standards. In 2009, UAZ began to equip its vans with a factory-built atmospheric 4-cylinder engine ZMZ-409 with a volume of 2690 cm³ with a DOHC gas distribution system with a capacity of 112 liters. with….

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VI-3 Wheels 04.04.20

VI-3 Wheels 04.04.20 for MudRunner

1. The mod replaces the wheels of the default Kraz 2. The mod adds an addon 255 Krazu (spare wheel holder) In The Spare Part There Are Animations: drawer door opens. in the box you will find a sledgehammer. key. jack. cans and mittens Folds up the reserve bracket with dzk there are some problems. default kraz tanks are too close to the cab. therefore, in some places, the tanks abut the dzk model. and he was made according to the drawing. I did not want to reinvent the wheel. you can google what should be in real life Version 04.04.20: 1. The tire is changed. The model is modified and…

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GAZ-59037 Mod V1.1

GAZ-59037 Mod V1.1 for MudRunner

At The Request Of Spreading Their Achievements. The Work On The Model Was Carried Out, Namely: In this mod there are 4 models, all in a different color and with their own lotions, another rubber is installed on one. The rear trunk is now black, barrels and cans also have a different color. On models, worked with textures and fixed specs. Also, the mod drove through the editor, now it works better. Removed water damage higher and to the rear (rear engine) and minor improvements. Version 1.1 For Spintires: MudRunner (v10.06.19): Textures are redone for the new version of the model, instead of orange, a new texture is made. Now two…

Download GAZ-59037 Mod V1.1